The Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors announced during the Wednesday, May 18 Regular Board Meeting that they intend to discontinue the monthly Discussion Sessions. These Discussion Sessions were held on the first Wednesday of every month. Items to be voted on at the Regular Monthly Board Sessions were usually presented to the Board and/or discussed during the Discussion Sessions.

Below is the notice the Board sent to the community in an E Blast on Thursday, May 19, 2022


Effective in June, the Board will no longer be holding Discussion Sessions on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Discussion Sessions were originally implemented as the means to share information on various topics as well as to hear and discuss POA-requested expenditures before taking the request to the formal Board meeting each month. The current better business procedures put in place by POA management have replaced past verbal requests from POA staff. In place of these verbal requests the staff now provides the Board with clear and detailed written information. With this new format, in a single document, the Board is now informed on:

  • what is needed
  • why it is needed
  • is it part of the already-approved budget
  • did it go out for bid and what were the bid responses
  • which bidder was selected and why

Provided with this detailed information, the Board will now be able to entertain a motion and enter into discussion to approve or disapprove the expenditure at the regularly scheduled Board meeting. The additional material and issues that have been covered in the Discussion Sessions will now be covered in the regular Board meeting.  

Effective in June, there will be one scheduled Board meeting a month – on the 3rd Wednesday. At each meeting, the Board will receive all written requests for expenditures, discuss each request and either approve or disapprove the request.

Respectfully provided,

HSVPOA Board of Directors

May 19, 2022