Lake Cortez Undergoing Dredging Process

The HSVPOA Lakes Department is currently dredging Lake Cortez. Hot Springs Village Public Services Director Ken Unger, on a quest to provide quality service and work but cut expenses, assigned Todd Noles the task of reducing lake dredging costs.

Noles, HSV Superintendent of Lakes, Dams, Common Property, and Forestry, conducted extensive research and made many phone calls before he came up with a solution that would provide a satisfactory dredging result and do so at a fraction of the cost. Using an amphibious excavator for spot dredging will lead to a total savings of $375,350 from the previous year.

After receiving the Board’s stamp of approval, Noles hired Brad Hartin Grading & Excavating Inc. Since the machine is a sizable track hoe that floats on the water, much like a pontoon boat, spot excavation can be done without lowering the lake.

When he removes the dredged debris, Hartin has the option to use his dump truck on a pontoon that he loads with the debris. Noles stated, “He can work, exactly as we do on the land.

It will now be possible to access coves that have never been dredged, allowing property owners to move their boats into and out of their coves. Noles said, “We can meet our objectives and save a lot of money!”

The Aquatic Excavator is a highly unique machine designed to work in areas that are inaccessible to conventional dredging equipment. Ideal for use in canals, along shorelines, and in wetland areas, the Aquatic Excavator readily takes on a variety of challenging applications. Working primarily from the water, it has an 18’ reach and can rotate 360 degrees infinitely.

-Todd Noles

We were fortunate enough to be able to witness and document the debut of the amphibious excavating process on Lake Cortez. We thank Mr. Hartin and his associate, Mr. Darren Newell, for taking the time to explain their operation and allowing us to take photos and video of the amphibious excavator in action.

Report by Joe and Cheryl Dowden; Photography and Videography by Joe Dowden