At a recent Governmental Affairs Committee meeting (July 1, 2022) HSVPOA General Manager, Kelly Hale, explained how he plans on streamlining the process of committee work in the future. He envisions the role of the committees to be more efficient and productive, which will lead to a less frustrating experience for the committee members.

The POA staff liaisons, Board Directors, and General Manager Hale met with all the committee chairs and co-chairs. At this meeting, Hale explained how he intends to work with the committees in the future. Hale is going to pinpoint objectives for each of the committees.

Hale said, “Everything in life is about relationships…That is the way the world works.” At Hale’s previous company, “committees were the backbone” of the organization.

Hale said one of the first observations he made to the Board is that the HSVPOA committees have no direction and are ineffective. “They are like a boat at sea with no sail, just floating around. I see the frustration on their faces.” The committee members want to contribute but they need guidance. Only two or three items should be on the committees’ front burners at one time. Once you have those items off of the front burner, you move the items on the back burner up to the front.

Hale said the committees should work together and there should not be two groups with two different visions working on the same goal. “Why not get them together and get it done quicker. We can find better value and then move forward from there.”

Hale also thanked the committees for what they do and said that they should be treated respectfully. Hale said, “we are going to get more done and going to get it done quickly.”

Hale said in order to get things going and see progress, we have to have good relationships with the members and committees and ensure we all are working toward a common goal.

By Cheryl Dowden