HSVPOA General Manager Hale Says He Will No Longer Turn a Blind Eye to Thieves and Vandals

At the June 15, 2022 Board Meeting, General Manager, Kelly Hale addressed the reoccurring problem of vandalism, theft, and damage to Hot Springs Village POA assets.

Hale said, “We continue to have vandalism, damage, and theft to our member assets. We continue to see vandalism in our halfway houses. Those are the bathrooms out on the golf courses. We’ve installed cameras, but the cameras have been stolen or broken. We continue to have gates damaged, mostly from people tailgating that don’t have a reason to be in the Village. We’ve had 500 plus gallons of gasoline stolen from golf carts that was siphoned out over a weekend.” Someone cut through a fence and stole a John Deere Gator. “We’re going to start a reward program in source development. People know what is going on. They know who it is and we can no longer accept people treating the Village the way they do.”

“It’s bad enough we have members in the community…we think it is juveniles more than likely are the ones doing the vandalism. We’re talking amounts of money that are felony levels. We’re going to reach out to the community. We will prosecute. We don’t have the money to waste when people tear up our stuff or on people from outside the fence line that cut through and want to steal from us.”

“We’re going to be looking for source development around the Village. We will find out what is going on and we will not turn a blind eye any longer and continue being victims here.”