Grinder System Installation Fee Increased and Public Services Plans to Get Out of the Grinder Installation Business

At the June 15, 2022 Board Meeting, Board Director, Bob McLeod presented a motion that increased the 2022 grinder installation fee to cover the actual costs the POA incurs. The fee will be increased from $5720 to $6150.

The POA currently provides the material and installation services for Simplex grinder pumps, tanks, and control panels in new homes. The POA is not breaking even on this endeavor so Public Services Director, Ken Unger has asked for the fee to be raised.

Board Director, Jama Lopez, asked, “Why are we even in the business?”

Public Services Director, Ken Unger, explained, “This is kind of a prelude and I was trying to bring to the Board’s attention that it is Public Services’ intention to move out of the grinder tank installation business. We believe that to the extent that we are contracting it out, home builders can contract it out. We’re actually working with something today to put that process in place where after this year, we’re out of the business of [grinder system] installation. Our part will be more of an inspection and acceptance, based on specifications that we put out there to anybody that is building a home. Possibly we give them some recommendations as we did on other things [for installers]…For the most part, from what I am seeing so far, that shouldn’t be a problem. We just don’t believe that given all the other things we have going on today that being in that business of installing them up front is the right thing for our organization to be doing.”

Hale said the four-man POA crew and their equipment (trucks, backhoe, etc) can be used to do other tasks.

The Board approved the increased fee going forward. Those who have already paid for the permit will not be charged the increased fee.

Contact information for Public Services Director

Ken Unger
Director Public Services
Hot Springs Village

HSV Gazette Publisher Cheryl Dowden