The Hot Springs Village Board met on May 18, 2022, for its regular monthly meeting.

Sitting at the meeting table:

Board Members: JoAnne (Joanie) Corry, Chair; Gary Belair, Vice-chair; Tucker Omohundro; Pamela (Pam) Avila; Robert (Bob) McLeod; Jama Lopez; Bruce Caverly

Staff: Kelly Hale, General Manager, and Board Secretary; Karl Russ, Controller; Katrina Heap, Executive Assistant to the General Manager

Other staff:

Paul Sage, Marketing Manager (gave the prayer)

Others: Janet Rowe, Chair of the Architectural Control Committee

Agenda for May 18, 2022, HSVPOA Board Meeting

Public Services Report – April 2022

Golf Committee Appointments – Craig Hall; Jane Jeffries

Lakes Committee Appointments – Lavon Winkler; Steven Fitzgerald; Ken Guzel; Russell Grimes

Public Services Committee Appointment – Steven Klomsten

Trails Committee Appointment – Paul Hedgpeth

Click here to read General Manager, Kelly Hale’s Report to the Board (May 18, 2022).

Click here to read the Controller’s Report to the Board (May 18, 2022).

Click here to read the Architectural Control Committee Quarterly Report to the Board.

The Golf Committee was scheduled to give its quarterly report but the Golf Committee Chair was unable to be present.

Click here to read about the Corporate Treasurer election.

Motions were made by Director Robert McLeod to purchase two backhoes.  The backhoes were budgeted items and the purpose of the motions were to approve the GM spending the money to purchase the two backhoes.  The motions passed unanimously.  Click here to read the previous backhoe discussions.  You will need to scroll down in the article for the section on the proposed backhoe purchases.

GM Hale said the two backhoes are two different types of equipment.  One will be used for more delicate work, mainly around the water and sewer lines.

Vice Chair, Gary Belair, made a Corporate Resolution. This had to do with the authorization of signatories. Kelly Hale and Kevin Sexton are the authorized signatories on real estate and title closing documents. Karl Russ and Kelly Hale are the authorized signatories of contracts. Karl Russ and Kelly Hale are the authorized signators on all deposit accounts.

Omohundro seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Board Discontinues Discussion Sessions – Click here to read the Board’s Announcement about this.

Director Avila said that things are much more professional and streamlined now than they were when she first joined the Board and this allows the Board to be more effective. “This doesn’t mean we are doing less work. It just means we are being smarter and we’re being more effective about how we do it,” explained Avila.

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