Streamlining communications between the rental contact person and the POA

Have you heard about the new requirement for Hot Springs Village rentals to register with the POA? The registration is for short-term, long-term, and owner-occupied rentals. In effect since January 1, 2024, the policy was enacted due to the challenge of reaching a contact person for both long and short-term rentals. While reaching the contact person is not always necessary, it becomes imperative when issues arise with the properties or renters. The new policy streamlines communication between the contact person and the POA.

“We want to streamline communication to enhance the experience for property owners, neighbors, guests, and the companies handling the management of rentals,” said Ginger George, Hot Springs Village POA Contracts and Development Supervisor.

George said, “We have encountered many instances where short-term and long-term rental properties would have an issue, whether it was parking, noise ordinance violations, or improper trash handling. Previously, our point of contact for rental properties was often incorrect. The owner could be difficult to get ahold of. Sometimes, the property was managed by a local rental company, but our records did not reflect this.”

From her research, George ‘guesstimates’ there are 600 to 700 rental properties in the village, with the majority being short-term.

Rental registration – a well-thought-out plan

George explained that this was not a hastily made plan. “It took two years of collaboration efforts among the Board Members and General Manager, Kelly Hale, before we came up with the final game plan and how to move this idea forward. It was not something we came up with overnight.”

POA is NOT restricting rentals

“This is not a permit. There has been a big concern, but we are not restricting rental properties in any way,” said George. There are no limits on the number of rental properties allowed per person. “Some communities strive to enact limitations, but we are not doing that here,” continued George.

Great response from local rental companies

The property rental management companies agree with this change and find the new registration process to be easy. Sometimes, the rental companies could not do their jobs effectively in the past because when there was an issue, the POA did not contact them. As stated above, the POA did not always know who to contact and could not get ahold of the property owner.

Quick and easy to register rental properties

The form is simple to complete and asks for contact information. The property owner or the rental agent can fill it out. In most cases where a rental company is involved, they contact the property owners to let them know this will be in effect. The information is entered into a database developed by IT Manager Will Rainwater.

Why is there a $50 fee to register each rental?

“The $50 is an administration fee. Development of this program has taken manpower and time, including developing a database. This program was not enacted as a way for the POA to generate money. The fee is only to cover set up and ongoing administrative costs. “No money is being made,” George emphasized. The $50 fee comes out to less than $4.17 a month.

What is on the registration application?

The registration application is two pages long. There is a section for information for the property owner and, if applicable, the local responsible agent. The rental requirements are listed, and an acknowledgment that the responsible agent (if applicable) will be the contact person and responsible party in case of an instance that needs to be taken care of immediately.

Is rental re-registration required every year?

Initially, the registration deadline is March 31, 2024. Rental registrations are valid for one year from the submission date and should be renewed annually. Annual renewal of the registration is required to maintain compliance.

Why does the property have to be registered yearly?

The contact person or property owner can change. The yearly renewal helps ensure the information remains accurate and up-to-date and that communication details are current in case of an issue with the rental property.

How does this work if there are multiple rentals owned by one entity?

George said one of the questions she has been asked is, “If I have multiple rental properties, do I have to register each property?” The correct answer is, “Yes, each property has a $50 registration fee, but the contact information must only be filled out once. There is a second registration page where multiple properties can be listed.”

Completing the application process

The application process may be completed online, by mail, or in person at the POA administration office. At this time, there is no way to make a payment online.

Online Registration: To register online, go to Once you’ve logged into the web portal, navigate to the “Services” section, and then select “Member Services Forms.” From there, you can complete and submit the form online.

If you choose to complete the form online, you still need to mail the payment to the POA Administration office. The address for the POA is:

Attention: Rental Registration
895 DeSoto Blvd.
Hot Springs Village, AR 71909

Please include the $50 fee for each property when submitting the rental registration application. Payment can be made by check, cash, or credit card. There is a 3% credit card processing fee. If paying by mail, please do not send cash.

What happens after the rental property is registered?

George said that once the rental registration form and payment are received by the POA, the property owner or agent will receive two documents:

  • Rental Registration Certificate – This certificate is for the property owner’s records and will list all the properties registered and the date of registration for each property owned.
  • Additionally, a Rental Guest Notice for each property is issued. The notice should be placed in the rental property in a central and easily viewable location. This notice informs guests of the rules and regulations regarding gates, parking, and trash – all of the things they need to know. There is also a spot on the guest form for the owner or local agent’s contact information. “If guests are informed, it makes for a better village experience,” explained the supervisor.

What happens if there is an issue with a property?

When there is an issue, Community Support [formerly Compliance] or the Hot Springs Village Police Department will receive notification and can now see who to contact.

Last but not least

George stated, “For the most part, we have had a good response to this program. Of course, not everyone is happy, and there will always be some negative comments. We want people to be able to ask questions and understand that what they are paying for is a legitimate program. I think this will enhance the rental experience for residents [neighbors], guests, owners, and the rental companies.”

“This new policy will let everyone do their job effectively, including the POA and the local rental agents. We welcome the guests and love having them. A lot of times they return later and buy a home. They want to come and experience the Village and it helps everyone, in the end. We are not trying to discourage rentals.”

Ginger George, Hot Springs Village POA Contracts and Development Supervisor

George said she is “here to help,” and If you need further information, contact her at or by phone at (501) 922-5556 Ext. 2417.

Featured Image: Ginger George, Hot Springs Village POA Contracts and Development Supervisor, explains the new Rental Property Registration process.

By Cheryl Dowden

Hot Springs Village Now Requires Registration of Rentals Flyer

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