Creative Thinking/Frugality leads effort to Spruce up the Village

Spring begins on Monday, March 20 and the HSVPOA is sprucing up the Village and getting ready with some cleaning, touchups, and some frugal additions.

Below is the notice the HSVPOA published:


When spring arrives this year, residents will see the results of lots of POA hard work to make HSV look like the first-class community we all know it is! And perhaps best of all, the results come NOT from spending money but from using existing resources and lots of creative thinking!

  1. The patio furniture has been taken from all the clubhouses for sandblasting and repainting. The goal is to preserve the longevity of the original investment and make the furniture look updated and representative of the image we want to be known for.
  2. Recently we discovered there are placards of the original HSV logo on our bridges. We have started cleaning them to help brighten up and renew these spots as members and guests drive through our community. See the before and after photos at the end of this article. Click here to view a previous article on this same topic.
  3. We have the Village Men’s Woodworking Club helping make golf tee markers for all the courses. These are the positions on the tee markers for each skill level and they must be replaced about every four years. The project will save the members money by doing the work in-house and the new markers will be unique to the Village. The Club is currently using the 19th Hole as a shop for the project.
  4. At our clubhouses and other public venues, we continue to replace the mulch in all flower beds and median dividers with rock. We have been going straight to the quarry and getting the rock ourselves. Previously we would pay to have vendors bring it to us. By changing to rock we reduce maintenance and the annual expense of buying mulch.
  5. We’ve added a construction crew to the golf department for 2023. This crew was assembled from other departments’ reductions and will focus on housework such as bunkers, cart paths, landscaping, and irrigation systems. Much of this work had either been deferred for the past decade or contracted to outside vendors. These cost savings will be reapplied to future projects that need to be done.
  6. We have been purchasing used vehicles from members of the communities. In the past we always bought new. We have taken the approach that there are many low-mileage, well-cared-for personal vehicles that meet the true need of running the day-to-day business.
  7. We have been power-washing sidewalks and patios in many of the common areas to give them a fresh and inviting look.
  8. We will be looking for volunteers to repair and update our miniature golf facility. This amenity is free to the public – yet we are looking to give it a facelift and make it look new again.

Left is the uncleaned Conquistador placard. Right image shows the placard after cleaning. What a difference!