Pam Avila, from the Communications Department at the Hot Springs Village POA, sent out an E-blast with the following information on March 16, 2024, at 1:45 p.m:

We’re into day two of the clean-up and recovery from HSV’s Thursday tornado, and there is still information that people need to know.

Road closures

Overall, road closures will be very fluid for the next several days as workers are out restoring power and internet access, as well as doing general clean-up. People need to be extremely careful and watch for workers on any roadway. Be careful, slow down and be prepared for the unexpected. Also watch for downed power lines – there are still many of them!

There are a number of closures around the Coronado Center as workers focus on power restoration for that area. Balearic is closed from Monterey Rd. to Coronado Dr., Fresno Rd. is closed from the Carmona intersection to Balearic. Camino is closed from Mazaron Dr. to Balearic. Local traffic only will be allowed through these areas. 

Boil order for a limited area

There is a precautionary boil order for Mesero Way and La Palabra Way.

Message for residents in the affected areas

There are multiple organizations from around the country coming to help our residents with clearing their properties. Most of these are faith-based organizations offering their services for free.

  1. These are not affiliated with the POA efforts – they have contacted the POA to be allowed in to help – but it is the property owner’s decision whether to accept their help and any associated liability.
  2.  We have a major cleanup effort going and have reached out for any and all help to ensure we clean up as quickly as possible. 

There are also groups soliciting homeowners and charging a fee for their services. We have allowed these groups into the Village as one option to help our affected members move toward a faster recovery and to receive assistance with insurance claim work.

  1. Please be cautious of anyone charging for services and protect yourself from con artists who always appear in situations like this.
  2.  If anyone is on your property and claims to be working for, or at the request of the POA, have them show ID. We do have outside teams that we have enlisted to help on roadways and common property, but these teams should have legitimate ID badges. Be cautious as you access your property over the next days.
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Photography by Nick Genty

By Pam Avila; Featured image: Nick Genty

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