Jill Fitzgerald as Rapunzel is wooed by her Prince, played by Kerry Blevins

By Janis Bremer, HSV Players

If you enjoyed “Lions and Tigers and Bears” in The Wizard of Oz, you will love the Witches, Giants, and Princes in the musical comedy Into the Woods this June 22-25.  Tickets are on sale now here.

Into the Woods in Hot Springs Village inside photo
Ken Goodman as the Big Bad Wolf and Harmony Clayton as Little Red Riding Hood practice for Into the Woods

From the moment you enter the lobby of the Hot Springs Village Woodlands Auditorium, you will be in the magical kingdom of fairy tales and then journey with a Baker and his wife who must overcome four challenges to break the spell on their house.  Cinderella and her family, Rapunzel, two Princes, a witch, Little Red Riding Hood, a mysterious man, and Jack and the Beanstalk all interact with comedy and adventure in the woods.  You will also experience some truths about life in music, such as “Careful what you say; children will listen.” 

Don’t miss this phenomenal show. 

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