Extensive repairs, which included removing the old slab, strengthening the boat dock, and pouring a new concrete slab on the ramp, were ongoing at the Lake Cortez Boat ramp, which is located at Lake Cortez Pavillion. Mother Nature had not been kind, pouring down heavy rains on the lake and keeping the water level too high for the concrete work, which caused delays.

On March 15, 2023, Todd Noles, Superintendent of Lakes, Dams, Common Property, and Forestry, spotted a fair weather opening, plus a low water level, and quickly made arrangements for the concrete crew and concrete truck to begin and complete the job.

Superintendent Noles oversaw the operation except for a brief interval when he had to leave to accept an award.

The Lake Cortez Boat Ramp is open.


By Joe Dowden; Photography and Videography by Joe Dowden