At a recent Hot Springs Village POA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) meeting, Legacy Custom Steel Homes dropped in to share a short PowerPoint presentation with the committee members. This was actually the second visit regarding Legacy Custom Steel Homes. Back in June, eXp Realtor Tom Hasselstrom first approached the ACC about building Legacy Custom Steel Homes in the Village. This is what the previous report said:

“Tom Hasselstrom said he represents the builder of recycled steel construction homes. Instead of cutting down trees, recycled automobiles are used in construction. These are not barndominiums or container houses. “The difference between a stick-built house and these houses is that the panels are constructed offsite with steel and foam. They come already insulated, vapor wrapped, and they come with steel studs.” The insides of the homes will be drywalled. The exterior can be finished with brick, lap siding, and aluminum siding. Additionally, they can be finished with steel siding, which can look like brick, stone, stucco, or even wood grain.

“The Virginia-manufactured homes can withstand 200-mile-an-hour winds and are not vulnerable to insects because there is nothing for the insects to eat. The homes come already insulated with R35. Interior walls are insulated R25. The roof panels are insulated with R46, but after the roof is installed, the total roof insulation value is R62.

“The panels are light and assembled at the building site. A three-man crew can erect a 2,000-square-foot house in about seven hours. Steel homes cost less to build than wood-framed houses and are fire-resistant.

“The homes are prewired for solar panels and an exterior generator. They are also prewired as Smart Homes. and can be built on a crawl space or concrete slab.

“Legacy Custom Steel Homes is planning on building eight spec homes in the Village with the approval of the POA.”

On November 17, 2022, Legacy Custom Steel Homes again visited the ACC. This time, Hasselstrom accompanied James Brown, Chief Executive Officer, and Sonya R. Brunt, Chief Operating Officer. Hasselstrom said that instead of using steel siding, Legacy Custom Steel Homes will use traditional sidings such as brick, concrete board, and vinyl. Hasselstrom noted, “that was your [the ACC’s] concern” at the June Meeting.

At the November ACC meeting, CEO Brown shared a PowerPoint presentation with the committee, which is included below in PDF form. Click “Switch to Presentation Mode” to view in full screen.

For sales information, contact Tom Hasselstrom by phone at 501-538-7313 or email [email protected].

Legacy Custom Steel Homes may be contacted by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 888-389-9983.

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Report by Cheryl Dowden