At the May 18, 2022 Board Meeting, Director Tucker Omohundro nominated Board Director Jama Lopez to fill the Corporate Treasurer seat. Director Pam Avila seconded the motion.

Omohundro said, “I think we need to point out that we didn’t do this [before] because we were looking at the position and wanted to make sure we did it right.”

Avila stated, “I think it is important to know, too, that the reason why we are supporting Jama for the Corporate Treasurer [position] is because of her skill set and her knowledge. It is not because she is a member of the Board. It’s because of what she knows and what she can do.”

General Manager, Kelly Hale, added, “Let me point out while we are on record here, the previous model that the POA had was the Controller was the Treasurer.” Hale said he and the Board felt this constituted a conflict of interest and “we wanted to right side that ship. We just wanted to clarify that for the members.

The motion was unanimously carried.

Lopez graduated magna cum laude from the University of Utah in 1988 with a B.S. in accounting. She has been certified since 1990 as a CPA in the state of Texas. She is also a former President of the San Antonio Chapter of CPAs.

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