By Lloyd Sherman

Change can oftentimes be a good thing and a blessing, but when things remain pretty status quo, it may be time to reassess how that process continues to be plagued by issues. In this case, I am speaking of restaurant operations inside HSV.

In the past month, we have lost two more restaurant operations, in part due to the POA attempted involvement in a private enterprise. Did we learn nothing from the debacle we had with Troon? It is one thing to lease space to someone and require maintenance requirements, etc., but it is quite another to start then dictating to them the hours they must operate within or the services they must provide. Troon tried that, and it was a colossal disaster. Too many variables enter the operation of a restaurant, and the operation of those entities should be left to the professionals that are in that business. The POA should be in the facility leasing business of our available buildings, not the details of how these operations attempt to make a profit. While the POA is a not-for-profit organization, restaurant operations are not.

The reality has always been that we have too many eating establishments in the Village to service our demographics. Then when you factor in restaurants just outside our boundaries, there are just too many choices for all of them to operate profitably.

The other factor that never seems to change is the disgusting behavior of some members of our community. It’s one thing to have issues with food quality, menu choices, or staff, but quite another to take on the responsibility of putting them out of business because you have issues with them. If you have an issue with an establishment, just quit using them. It is really a pretty simple premise but continues to be a theme that runs through reasons why restaurants close. This type of behavior will lead to increased turnover of a business operation and in particular, restaurants.

As for the POA, here is a thought you might want to consider. Sell those buildings where you want restaurant operations and lease the pro shops back from them. That way you are out of the facility maintenance business, and you won’t be compelled to get involved in operations that have been proven through the years to not be in your wheelhouse.

As for those property owners who feel compelled to keep running business operations away, you might want to reassess your approach, or better yet, get into that business and see how well that works out for you. It’s so much easier being an armchair quarterback instead of actually getting out there and walking in someone else’s shoes.

Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way and quit attempting to dictate operations you have zero knowledge of.

Lloyd Sherman

Author & Real Estate Agent

Note from Cheryl: Here is a link to a previous article about some of the abuse Joseph and Jenn Stansel dealt with when running The Blue Elephant Restaurant at Granada Golf Course.