Mark Quinton Updates HSVPOA Board on Parks and Recreation Committee

What follows is Mark Quinton’s Parks and Recreation Committee Report to the Hot Springs Village Board of Directors at the 2023 Annual Board Meeting on Wednesday, April 19. This was Quinton’s last task as Vice-chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee as he was sworn in as a Board Member in a Special Meeting following the Annual Board Meeting.

Presented by: Mark Quinton – Vice Chair

April 2023


Good morning. my name is Mark Quinton, Vice-Chair of the Parks & Recreation Committee. I am pleased to present the Parks & Recreation Committee Board of Directors Report to you today.


Committee Members

  • The following committee members will be exiting the Parks and Recreation Committee by end of May 2023:
  • Deb Fuller – Current Chair – term is complete
  • Mark Quinton – Current Vice-Chair – moving to serve on the POA Board
  • Maureen Morgan – Secretary – term is complete
  • Serena Gonzales – term is complete
  • Nominations/elections to fill the vacated leadership seats will occur in May.
  • We are continuing to solicit others interested in joining the Parks and Recreation Committee to fill the vacated seats.

Annual Events

We will work with the Trails Committee to partner in an annual event focused on the 2024 eclipse next year.


Ad-Hoc Rules and Regulations Committee – Serena Gonzales is the Parks and Recreation liaison.

Village Meet and Greet

The Recreation Committee continues to support a table at the Village Meet and Greet to answer questions regarding HSV amenities to continue to raise awareness to new residents.

Mini Golf Project

  • The Parks and Recreation Committee is focusing on a mini golf refresh in early summer 2023.
    • We continue planning and are moving forward with ideas under review which include:
      • Course Theme: Creating a course theme unique to Arkansas, including the Old Mill, Razorbacks, and outdoor (kayaking, hiking, etc.) ideas to include on the course.
      • Gazebo Update: Expanding/updating the gazebo to include seating to accommodate a welcoming atmosphere to host children’s parties.
      • Safety Repairs: Focus on safety repairs which would include leveling concrete in a couple of areas and adding a barrier between the 17th-hole tee area and 18th hole.
      • Revenue from this work will include budgeted income as well as monetary donations.
      • We currently have secured sponsorship from Buss Construction, who will take care of the concrete work/repair and the painting of the walkway and bumpers for all 18 holes.
      • We are also soliciting volunteer support from various clubs in the Village on behalf of the Parks & Recreation Committee.

Archery Range

  • The archery range is now complete. We added two more bales, totaling five stations staggered with one shooting line. This complete setup is much safer. The bales will be needed and funded for the Urban Hunt qualifier in July.

Thank you for your time today.