On Saturday, April 29, 2023, a Villager reported sighting a drove of 10 or 11 pigs roaming loose in the Village. Witnesses reported acts of aggression and damage to common property was observed.

A combination of six Village Police and Animal Control Officers answered the call and surrounded the animals on common property on Lindura Way, abutting the Balboa Golf Course, directly between two homes.

Assistance was requested from local sheriffs to determine if a missing pig report was made. Also, Arkansas Game and Fish and area farmers were contacted for advice on the containment of the pigs. After officers diligently restrained the pigs for four hours on common property, the pigs showed signs of agitation and attempted to break the containment line. As the efforts to locate the owner or obtain outside assistance were unsuccessful, it was determined the pigs were likely domesticated pigs that had become feral. Officers made the decision to put the animals down in as humane a manner as possible.

Charles Brown, Director of Compliance and Contract Manager, oversees HSV Animal Control. Brown said, “To our knowledge, there are two more pigs at large, and we ask anyone seeing them to call the Police Department with a location.  We have had reports of the pigs being aggressive, so do not attempt to get close to them.  We will work with the individual now claiming ownership for the recovery of the animals.”  

“We find this incident extremely unfortunate and certainly would have preferred another outcome.  We hope to be able to get the two hogs at large back to the owner without incident,” stated Brown.    

A POA representative has contacted Mr. Cesar Mendoza, who later claimed ownership of the untagged and unmarked pigs.

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By Cheryl Dowden