This article is a report on the many topics discussed at the Wednesday, April 12 Lakes Committee Meeting.

At the HSVPOA April 12 Committee Meeting, it was shared that the POA saved over $527,000 in lake dredging costs this year versus last year. The dredging cost for 2023 was $123,000, including skid steer rentals. Scott McCord, Visitor and CPFWC Vice Chair said that the dredging cost for 2022 was $650,000.

Committee Member Ken Guzel reported that things are going well with the Lakes Committee website – Go here to check out the website.

Mr. Kyle Keeley, in attendance at the April meeting, will replace Clifford Haygood on the Lakes Committee in June.

Lakes Committee Chair, Steven FitzGerald presented Committee Member Carol Dyer a Certificate of Appreciation for her assistance reporting on Lake DeSoto.

HSVPOA Lake Committee Meeting 04-12-23 Carol Dyer receiving award
Steven FitzGerald Presents Carol Dyer w/ a Certificate of Appreciation.

HSVPOA Board Director and Liaison to the Lakes Committee, Bruce Caverly, reported on the Wednesday, March 15, 2023, Board of Directors Meeting. New Appointments to committees were:

  • James Galarza to the Common Property, Forest & Wildlife Committee
  • Mark Smith and Patricia Chandler-Faust to the Communications Committee

Caverly reported that spending money on infrastructure is slow because bids are out, but the product has not been received.

Caverly said that two presentations were made at the March Board Meeting:

  • Arkansas Wide-Area Information Network (AWIN) – Fire Department Communications Program Presented by Fire Chief Jason Miller
  • PCAP – Police Department Communications Program presented by Chief Kristi Bennett

Superintendent of Lakes, Dams, Common Property and Forestry, Todd Noles said that Lakes Manager Katy Harmon was not present because she was occupied electroshocking the lakes.

Noles reported on the damaged valve at Lake Isabella. Click here to read about this.

“We suffered significant damage to our Lake Isabella valve, costing us $35,000 to repair. Anytime underwater welding is necessary, it is expensive,” explained Noles

Dredging Lake Cortez is finished, and we will start dredging Lakes Sophia and Maria in September or October. Noles said, “We can dredge without dropping the water level; if property owners need to repair their seawall or dock, we will lower the lake level.”

“It has been amazing how much we have gotten done and how much money we have saved with the lake dredging this year!” exclaimed Noles

Noles is working with a company based in North Little Rock. “They are looking at our dam draw-down pipes. This company uses a PCP lining process developed in Australia. The dams were originally built with draw-down pipes constructed of corrugated metal pipes, which have rusted over the years.” Due to the cost of this lining process, Noles estimates it will take approximately eight years to rehab all the draw-down pipes.

Mystery Snails – Arkansas Game and Fish has not provided us with any new information on the Mystery Snails found in a couple of our lakes except to let us know that possessing these snails without the proper permit is illegal.

The Lakes Department continues to remove debris from Lake Cortez. Noles requests the patience of Lake Cortez users as this clean-up continues.

The Lake Cortez boat ramp and sidewalk were repaired/redone. Click here to view photos of this process.

GM Kelly Hale addressed the Lakes Committee. Click here to read “HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE RESEMBLES A CO-OP – LET’S MOVE FORWARD!”

Board Member Bruce Caverly will run the election of committee officers at the June Lakes Committee Meeting.

FitzGerald believes we should make a trifold brochure and post it online. We need information at visitor centers. FitzGerald made a motion that we move forward on developing the tri-fold brochure. The brochure was discussed last year but was tabled due to possible rule changes from the ad hoc Rules and Regulations Committee.

Last year the committee made a one-page flyer and distributed it at the marinas, which is not the same as the tri-fold brochure.

Vice Chair Dwayne Shipman removed unnecessary items from the Lakes Assessment Report.

Shipman said, “In the last year, the Lakes Management Department has fulfilled and completed more tasks than has been done in ten years. I want to ensure we know how much we appreciate Todd Noles and Katy Harmon.”

Noles responded to Shipman, saying, “We have a credo of customer service. We believe in taking care of the residents.” Click here and scroll down to read the credo, developed by Public Services Director Ken Unger.

QR codes will be attached to the pay boxes at the boat ramps after the boxes are repainted.

Visitor Scott McCord said at the March Board Meeting he had the honor of presenting Superintendent Todd Noles with an award from the Lake Cortez Shoreliners for a job well-done on the lake dredging.

By Cheryl Dowden