Under new business at Wednesday May 17, Board Meeting, Public Services Director Ken Unger requested that the HSVPOA Board amend new home infrastructure building permit fees on the 2023 fee schedule.

The Public Services Director said, “This is another interesting scenario. We have a lot of undeveloped portions of the village, and we receive requests to install infrastructure to lots in undeveloped areas.” The decision for the proposal to modify building permit fees was reached after reviewing the Declaration requirements for the POA and obtaining the opinion of the POA legal team.

Unger explained that it is not prudent for the POA to expend hundreds of thousands of dollars to install utilities and roads to a remote lot. Unger said the POA is willing to install infrastructure in remote areas if the property owner is willing to pay the installation cost.

Unger said, “We believe the Board is within its right to establish this [modified building permit fees].”

“Our goal is to get utilities and road systems to every lot we can…,” stated Unger.

General Manager Kelly Hale said that Directors Kevin Sexton and Charlie Brown work together to encourage new home building in village areas with existing infrastructure. “This is responsible growth,” said Hale.

Vice Chair Gary Belair said, “These fees will be built into the permitting process and everybody will know [about the fees] before the work is started.”

The changes to the building permit fees add the language, “or HSV cost, whichever is greater.”

Although this issue was presented as new business, Director Robert McLeod felt that no further discussion was necessary and suggested a motion be made. The motion was made by McLeod and seconded by Director Mark Quinton, passing unanimously.

Contact Information for Public Services Director

Ken Unger
Director Public Services
Hot Springs Village

By Cheryl Dowden