Trails Committee Meeting July 19, 2022

New Board Liaison to the Trails Committee

At the Tuesday, July 19, 2022 Trails Committee Meeting, the Chair of the Board of Directors, Joanie Corry, announced that she would be the Board liaison to the Trails Committee. Corry gave kudos to the Ad Hoc Cooper Land Evaluation Committee for doing such a thorough job of investigating and reporting on the CCI reserve property. She said the ad hoc report is “really well done”.

What Goes In the Trail Boxes?

Corry said when she looked in the trail boxes, they were empty. She asked, “what goes in the trail boxes?”

Acting Chair, Paul Barnard, said that sometimes flyers of events go on the outside of the boxes and the entry forms for the events are inside the boxes. Additionally, sometimes Cooper (CCI) sends the POA pamphlets to put in the Nature Conservancy Trail boxes.

Occasionally folks put business cards or business solicitations and/or religious materials in the boxes. This is not permitted and materials of this type will be removed.

Also, soon QR codes will be posted on the trail boxes.

QR/Website Project – Adam Birkner

Committee Member, Adam Birkner, has developed a website that will display photos and pertinent information about the plant and wildlife on each individual trail. Paul Barnard has been taking the photos. The outside of the trail boxes will have QR codes that will be scannable with your phone and connect you to the new website. The website will contain information and images of the flowers, other plants, trees, etc. There are also plans to eventually have information about the living creatures who make their homes around and on the HSV trails.

Birkner has donated his time, and effort, and paid for the associated costs of developing a website. This is no small endeavor and will be an ongoing process to bring this project to fruition. Thank you to the POA, the Trails Committee ,and most especially, Paul Barnard and Adam Birkner for lending their time and talents to develop this new project.

Trails Committee Helps Staff Maintain Trails

Terry Wiley, Director of Parks and Recreations, asked the committee to help clean up and paint the trail boxes. Wiley said this is a low-cost project that will have a big impact on the trails. The POA will supply the paint and brushes.

Paul Barnard, Acting Trails Chair (for this meeting), said that it would be a good idea to make a list of projects the Committee can do to help out the trail maintenance employees.

Balboa Spillway Bench Update

Wiley said that the composite wood for the bench repairs at the Balboa Spillway is supposed to come in at the end of the month. This material was ordered two and a half months ago, but due to supply chain problems, the delivery has been delayed. Wiley said it will not be long before the bench renovation project is finished. The unexpected delays were out of the control of both the committee and the POA. The committee thanks trail walkers for their continued patience. The Village Wood Workers will assist the Trails Committee in helping to inscribe the dedication boards on the benches.

DeSoto Multipurpose Trail Renovation

Director Wiley said that Norman Meredith and his crew are making good progress on the renovations of the DeSoto Multipurpose Trail, with around a mile and a half being finished. This trail is scheduled to remain open during the rehab.

Moonshine Walk

Wiley discussed having the Moonshine Walk during the full moon in September in order to have enough time to advertise. More details will be coming soon.

The next Trails Meeting is at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, at Coronado Community Center. Thank you for reading.

Report by Cheryl Dowden and Photography by Joe Dowden