Lloyd Sherman, Evening Lions (E-Lions) President-Elect, Spoke at the HSV Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

The Hot Springs Village Chamber of Commerce met for its monthly Partner Up Luncheon at the Home Plate Cafe on Wednesday, May 25. The speaker was the E-Lion’s Club President-Elect, Lloyd Sherman.

Sherman has been a member of the E-Lions Club for approximately five years. Sherman said, “The Lions Club is the oldest charity in Hot Springs Village. We were formed in August of 1972.” Professional Golfer, Lee Travino, was here as part of the launching of the Lions Club.

Sherman shared that the E-Lions sponsors Bingo, Hamburger Day, Pancake Day, and White Cane Day. They are also involved in helping causes such as diabetes, and sight and hearing impaired. Some of the organizations that the Club donates to are the Arkansas Eye Bank, Charitable Christian Med Clinic, Lutheran Braille Workers, Midsouth Sight and Hearing, Jessieville Boys and Girls Club, American Diabetes Association, Jessieville LEOs, Local Sight-Related Activities, and World Services for the Blind (located in Little Rock).

The E-Lions Club has three separate divisions:

  • The Lions Club – This is the membership, which currently includes about 60 members. Office supplies, etc. are paid for with the membership dues.
  • Bingo – This is the primary fund-raising activity. This year’s bingo is scheduled to raise $60,000, before expenses.
  • Foundation – All of the excess money from the club and the bingo goes into the foundation. This money is what is distributed to charitable organizations. The Evening Lions earmark $10,000 a year for a local charity.

Currently, the E-Lions are in the process of working with the POA to build a park at Balboa Beach.

Balboa Beach Park Project

The E-Lions Club Balboa Beach Park Project was started as a celebration of the HSV Evening Lions 50-Year Anniversary. Sherman said that the Balboa Beach Park is a work in process but was unsure where the idea for the park originated.

To date, the E-Lions have raised around $37,000 for the park, with a goal of $42,000 to fully complete the project. A lot of generous donations have already been received, but more donations are needed.

Originally, the park was to be located close to the water, but due to public safety and other concerns, the playground equipment will be located off of the beach. A canopy and volleyball court are the only two park items located on the beach.

The Lions is donating the money raised for the park to the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association. The POA is responsible for the installation and management of the equipment. The Lions Club has agreed to pay for the ongoing maintenance so that the Property Owners are not incurring any costs for this addition to the Balboa Beach area. Sherman said, “The POA has been extremely supportive of this project…Once the new GM got on board, he has been very supportive and helpful with the project, too.”

The project has been challenging due to supply chain delays. “This is taking a little longer than we had anticipated, but all of the equipment as of last week is on order,” explained Sherman. The cost of the equipment has also gone up.

Removal of as few trees as possible is a consideration with the placing of the equipment. The project will also not disturb the trailhead. The park will contain the following equipment:

  • Sand Volleyball Set
  • Two Baggo (aka Cornhole) Sets
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Swing Set
  • Grey Harbor Playset
  • Geo Dome Climber
  • Canopy
  • Four Benches

HSV Evening Lions Baggo Tournament and Official Launch of the Balboa Beach Park

Be sure to mark your calendar for the official launch of the Balboa Beach Park, which will feature a Baggo Tournament. This event is scheduled for October 1, 2022. Watch for more details coming out soon.

Sherman stated, “We are looking forward to supporting this addition to Balboa Beach. I think it is something that will be used a lot, particularly in the summer…We will continue going forward to support this project and add additional equipment as we have funds available to do so.” Keep in mind, that the primary goal of the E-Lions is to help hearing and sight-impaired people.

The E-Lions are always looking for more members. Sherman said if you have spare time on your hands, come and join them.

Donation checks can be made out to E-Lions Club Foundation and sent to PO box: P.O. BOX 8534 HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, AR 71910-8534.

Click here to visit the Hot Springs Village Evening Lions website.

Tentative Plans for Placement of the Park Equipment

Sherman Talks HSV Chamber About Lions Club