Overnight on Thursday, January 11, 2024, Mother Nature paid a windy and wet visit to Hot Springs Village, leaving her mark in the form of downed power lines resulting in outages, property damage, and downed trees. Matt Broom, Hot Springs Village Associate Public Services Director, estimated that there are between 250 and 300 fallen trees. Crews are out across the Village, working hard since the wee hours of the morning to clear the roads of these obstacles. This weather incident happened ahead of a forecasted winter storm (possibly ice) expected on Sunday evening.

Downed power lines along Balearic Road have necessitated road closures, so please pay attention when driving. Residents should avoid Balearic Road between San Sebastion Road and Camino Road. 

Matt Broom, HSVPOA Associate Director of Public Services, said the department has received many reports but has been able to respond to most thus far. “We are staying ahead of the situation. It is just a case-by-case response as additional calls come in.”

Broom said there may still be areas with unknown downed trees. We think we have captured everything, but if something is still out there that we have not responded to, we ask residents to report the downed trees or power lines to the POA by contacting him at mbroom@hsvpoa.org.

Broom said, “Do not attempt to drive around or approach these areas.”

Broom expects the wind to continue for a few more hours, anticipating additional downed trees. “We have all staff out working. We are handling it.”

Public Services Director Ken Unger enthusiastically said, “The staff did an outstanding job! They started at 4:35 a.m., and by 9:30, they cleared over 300 downed trees. They opened many blocked roads, which was a whole team effort with help from the Golf and Recreation department.” The heavy wind situation is ongoing, but we are preparing for the next major weather event, which transpires on Monday, January 15.

Starting his work morning at 4:00 a.m., Todd Noles, Superintendent of Roads and Sanitation, said that credit for securing the unanchored Coronado Boat Dock goes to the Recreation Department staff.

Both First Electric and Entergy are working in the Village to restore power.

The Fitness Center was closed until 11:00 a.m. due to an electricity outage. The Balboa Clubhouse was without energy, but it is not known at the time of the release of this article if the Clubhouse is still without power.

Currently, over 1000 homes in the Village are without power.  If you have no power, please get in touch with your electric power provider (Entergy or First Electric) – not the POA.

Again, please stay safe and avoid problematic areas.

Storm Causes 250 to 300 Downed Trees - Power Outages in HSV
Downed Tree Across Power Line in Hot Springs Village (Photo credit to Superintendent Todd Noles)

Hot Springs Village POA 250 to 300 Downed Trees and more damage
Damaged Street Light at Coronado Community Center (Photo credit to Villager Michelle Brown)

Hot Springs Village POA estimates 250 to 300 Downed trees 2 inside image
Coronado Boat Ramp Boat Storage Damage ((Photo credit to Villager Michelle Brown)

Featured Image: Crews Work Hard to Clear Downed Trees in Hot Springs Village (Photo credit to Superintendent Todd Noles)

By Cheryl Dowden

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