Hot Springs Village Superintendent Todd Noles, a POA employee since August 15, 1995, has recently changed career paths. Beginning his POA career working on a construction team, Noles has worked his way up to full Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation.

Previously, Noles oversaw Lakes, Dams, Common Property, Forestry, and Wildlife before being promoted to Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation. On January 1, Noles accepted this new position due to the promotion of Matt Broom to Associate Director of Public Services, and Noles hit the job running.

Almost immediately after accepting the Streets and Sanitation position, Noles faced weather-related challenges. Noles said, “People talk about going in feet first. I went into my new position, head first.” Several inclement weather events occurred in January, including an ice storm, snow, rain, and microbursts. Noles said he lived in his office during part of this time, sleeping on a cot and eating Yankee pot roast, turkey and dressing, and Backyard BBQ TV dinners. In the mornings, he had microwaved sausage and biscuits.

From there to here

Beginning in ’95, Noles worked with a POA construction team for around ten years, installing underground utilities where new subdivisions were being built. Water and sewer lines and the conduit for the electrical lines for both Entergy and First Electric were placed. “Nothing was really developed east of the Ponce de Leon Center when I started working for the Village,” said Noles.

After a while, the Construction Department was no longer needed, and he was transferred to the Streets Department, where he earned credentials as a state-licensed asphalt inspector.

Noles began helping to clear fallen timber on common properties due to the tornado on April 25, 2011. Noles recently said that the windstorms on January 12, 2024, reminded him of this tornado, but it wasn’t as bad.

Noles was promoted to Common Property Manager in 2020 and received a promotion to Assistant Superintendent of Common Property Forestry and Wildlife under Public Services Director Ken Unger.

On June 24, 2022, when Noles was promoted to full superintendent, Unger had this to say, “I am pleased to announce that Todd Noles has been promoted from Assistant Superintendent to Full Superintendent of the Common Property/Forestry/Lakes/Dams Department under the Public Services Organization…”

“Todd is uniquely qualified, given his breadth of experience and knowledge of Hot Springs Village, his constant “Can Do” attitude, his love of the outdoors, and above all, his love of Hot Springs Village! I look forward to Todd’s continued success in all he touches!”

In Noles’s various roles over the years, he has built relationships with state agencies, including the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, and worked closely with Entergy and First Electric.

Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation

During his tenure with the POA, Noles said he worked in the Streets Department for 20 years, so this change is second nature. “Everyone felt like it was a good fit for me. I came in and really didn’t skip a beat,” stated Noles.

As Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation, Noles said his career has come full circle. Noles oversees 24 employees. “The guys here make my job easy because they are hard workers. I am blessed to have these employees. All I have to do is tell them what needs to be done and give them direction, and they take care of the rest. They do great work and take pride in their work.”

Todd Noles, it has been a great ride Hot Springs Village trash trucks

Hot Springs Village Sanitation Trucks

In Noles’s oversight of the Streets Department, he handles culvert replacement and street rehabilitation, which consists of crack sealing, line striping, filling potholes, and other street preservation methods. This work is executed both in-house and by contractors.

Public Services has plans to do a mill and replace operation on a 1.1-mile section of DeSoto Boulevard between Pizarro and Ponce de Leon. This project will go before the Board of Directors for approval on Wednesday, February 21. This section of DeSoto Boulevard was super-paved seven or eight years ago and is in poor condition. The super-pave did not hold up, and Noles estimates this section of road will not last a year if it is not rehabilitated. The mill and replace project will take approximately one week to be completed using Arkansas Department of Transportation specifications.

Noles stated that the millings from this project will be used to revitalize the Lakes Sophia and Maria boat ramp parking areas. The remainder of the millings will be stored at the Terlingua Pit and used at Grove Park.

Nole said, “Starting at 8:00 a.m.. on Monday, February 19, Coronado Drive from Coronado Lane to Antigua Lane will be closed to replace a culvert that is causing the road to fall through. The closure will last until Thursday, February 22.”

Having worked for many leaders with different leadership styles, the superintendent said he is blessed to work for General Manager Kelly Hale, Public Services Director Ken Unger, and Associate Public Services Director Matt Broom. “The three leaders have been instrumental in my career change and promotion, and I am honored they put their trust in me to do my job well. I feel fortunate that they have come into my life at this time,” asserted Noles. He said they are the kind of people he can sit down with, talk to, and learn from.

A Jessieville native, Noles said he likes to hunt, fish, and spend time with his two young granddaughters when not on the job.

“The growth in the Village has been phenomenal, and I look forward to even more,” enthused Noles. He said he loves the people and is looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

“It has just been a great ride. I hope my journey is a long way from being over.”

Todd Noles, HSVPOA Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation
Todd Noles It has been a great ride Hot Springs Village dump trucks and boom truck

Hot Springs Village dump trucks and boom truck (center)

By Cheryl Dowden

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