On Monday, August 28, HSVPOA Superintendent Todd Noles gave us an update on what he has been working on, including repair of Pineda Spillway, forestry management, the Urban Deer Hunt (Hunters Feeding the Hungry), and remediation of an Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC) violation.

Todd Noles Gives Update on Recent Activities

Repair of Pineda Spillway

Noles said a new concrete wall and trough must be poured at Pineada Spillway. Notice in the second photograph below that the rebar is protruding. The rebar should be inside the concrete, but over time, the integrity of the original concrete wall has eroded, leading to water breaching and running underneath the structure.

Noles said the contractors will pour a footer to support the wall and prevent further deterioration of the spillway.

Noles is using one of our trusted contractors for the Pineda Spillway repair. Noles said he has used this concrete contractor in the past and has confidence this contractor will do the job properly.

Lake Pineda Spillway (Image by Todd Noles)

While there are no immediate worries, if this work is not completed, there is a possibility the spillway could eventually collapse. Although it is unknown exactly how much longer the spillway could hold, it is thought it could last several more years, but Noles does not want to procrastinate on this important repair. This is another project where the POA is working to be proactive so that an emergency does not arise.

Lake Pineda Spillway Exposed Rebar (Image by Todd Noles)

“This is all part of the infrastructure backlog we are working towards getting caught up. It is kind of like your car; if you don’t service it, before long you are going to run into problems.”

Todd Noles, Superintendent of Lakes, Forestry, Common Property, and Wildlife

Forestry Management

Forestry management has been ongoing since earlier in the month. On Tuesday, August 8, Greenbay Packaging began the process in the area close to the Cooper Preserve to remove trees with fungus and beetle infestations and perform an overall area thinning. This is being done to promote the overall health of the forest. This necessary forestry management is also a revenue source, providing us with income while solving a problem. Noles anticipates the revenue will exceed the amount projected in the 2023 budget.

For safety reasons, residents have been asked to avoid this area.

Noles said part of the forestry management program will include seeding wildflowers after thinning the forest. Additionally, boulders will be placed on the roadsides. Please be patient with the area’s development; walkers should anticipate an improved look starting in Spring 2024.

Despite the drought, Noles said the Village still has a low fire hazard rating.

Urban Deer Hunt

The Hot Springs Village 2023/2024 Urban Deer Hunt begins Friday, September 1. Remember that if you see a car parked on the side of the road with a placard in the windshield, it is a deer hunter. All hunters must be registered with the POA and have the placard displayed on their vehicle’s windshield while hunting in the Village.

Thank you to HSVPOA From Hunters Feeding the Hungry

Noles moved the Hunters Feeding the Hungry trailer to the Cortez Fire Station. Hot Springs Village Urban Deer Hunters are required to donate their first harvest to HFTH.

Hunters Feeding the Hungry sent a thank you card to the POA for the $5,000 donation the POA made. (Click here to read about this.)

Erosion Management at Lake Granada

For erosion management purposes, rip rap was added at Lake Granada. This area was cited for violating (ANRC) rules. This project is part of upgrading our infrastructure and meeting legal requirements.

Superintendent Todd Noles Oversees Repair Pineda Spillway Riprap at Granada
Rip Rap at Lake Granada (Image Courtesy of Todd Noles)

Under Budget

Always looking at the bottom line, the Superintendent stated that he has managed to stay under budget this year and hopes for a reduced budget next year.

Hunters Feeding the Hungry Trailer

Cover image: Thank you card from Hunters Feeding the Hungry Held by Superintendent Todd Noles

By Cheryl Dowden; Photography by Todd Noles and Joe Dowden