Buzz Carpenter, Trails Committee Chairman, announced that Janet Rowe resigned from the Trails Committee but still plans to assist with the 2024 Solar Eclipse Event. Carpenter said, “I am sure we can still contact her if we have any questions. She is a great resource.”

The committee has been working to clean up and paint the trail boxes, but some of the boxes have signs of rotting.

Grounds Crew Manager Norman Meredith stated, “if you get five years out of the plywood, you are doing good.”

Because of the short life span of plywood, Chair Carpenter recommended placing a sheet of PVC or some type of plastic sheet on the poles that hold the trail boxes. This would eliminate rotting and other maintenance issues. It was also stated that a box similar to a real estate box could be used.

Barnard asked how they will attach the forms for events. Carpenter said the QR code could be scanned, and the hiker could find the form on the website or go to the Coronado Center to pick up a form. CCI (Cooper) puts flyers in the Nature Conservancy trail boxes.

Marina & Outdoor Recreation Supervisor Ginger Ladehoff shared that the Recreation Department is hosting a Post Trail Marathon and Photography Contest party at the Coronado Community Center in Room 6 on Wednesday, November 29, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM. There will be coffee and light refreshments.

Maps – Ladehoff arranged for the typo in the trail maps legends to be corrected. Some more cleanup is needed on the trail maps. The committee may use Google Earth to make new maps because the maps located on Explore the Village website were created by someone who is no longer here with software that is not accessible by the committee.

The legends on the maps will designate which trails allow what activity, such as biking, golf carts, etc. Some people are using golf carts on non-multi-use trails.

Each committee member will review his/her assigned trail map and let the committee know if the map of the trail is accurate.

QR Codes – The committee will finish hanging the QR code signs at the trails.

Signs – the committee and Ladehoff will explore what the cost is to have the signs made as opposed to the committee making the signs. They will hold off on signage until the Ad Hoc Rules and Regulations Committee finishes.

In the past, there was a dedicated trails email address. Terry Wiley, Director of Parks and Recreation suggested that this should be reinstated.

 Laurie Hartshorn, former Trails Committee Chairperson is in charge of judging the photo contest entries. She said that some categories do not have many entries and perhaps there should be fewer categories.

Adding an extra loop by Magellan Beaver Dam – This area is used a lot by the Animal Welfare League staff and it would be beneficial to have loops in this area. Not much clearing would be needed. This suggestion will be looked at by the committee and staff.

The committee reviewed the 2023 Trails Events Calendar.

The New Years’ Hike at Cooper Trail is scheduled for Saturday, January 7, 2023. Watch for more details to come.

The next Trails Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 20, 2022, at 1:30 PM at the Coronado Community Center.

Cover image by Joe Dowden: View from DeSoto Spillway Trail

Report by Cheryl Dowden