The Hot Springs Village POA Trails Committee met at the Coronado Community Center on July 18, 2023.

Committee members present:

Buzz Carpenter – Chairperson
Kim Botkin – Vice Chair
Paul Barnard
Paul Hedgpeth
BB Johnson

POA Staff Present:

Terry Wiley – Director of Parks and Recreation
Norman Meredith – POA Grounds Maintenance

Board Member (Committee Liaison) present:

Bob McLeod

Chair Buzz Carpenter Comments

Buzz stated that the Waypoint and Desoto Multi-purpose trail signs had been cleaned and vegetation trimmed back. He asked that the tree identification signs be cleaned as the committee members walk on the trails.

Bob McLeod Board Liaison Comments

Bob stated the Board of Directors is still working on the Rules and Regulations document cleanup effort.

Terry Wiley Staff Liaison Comments

Director of Parks and Recreation Terry Wiley said he is still trying to fill the Outdoor Recreation Manager position with the right person.

Terry discussed renaming the Calella trail and incorporating it into the DeSoto Mult-purpose trail; Terry will check a few things before making a decision.

It has been decided that the Village will not have activities for the 2024 eclipse.

Norman Meredith Staff Liaison Comments

Norman said his crew is still working on re-graveling the Cedar Creek Trail, and the center section of the Hernando Trail will be done next.

Committee Member Comments

Paul Hedgpeth said the 5K run was very successful, with 65 total participants. There were 44 runners. Additionally, twenty-one people walked the 1K. Improvements needed for future runs are an earlier starting time (if in summer) and the addition of another water station.

The committee is considering having a Turkey Trot around Thanksgiving.

BB Johnson said she is working on trimming back foliage on her part of Hernando Trail.

Kim Botkin previously reported two downed trees on the Cardinal Path of Cedar Creek

The trail box at the start of Hernando Trail (across from ReMax) is in poor shape.

Terry said all trail boxes will be replaced with signs. Norman will check the box and it will probably be removed.

Unfinished Business

Signs or QR codes are needed for directions at Cooper Reserve. This project is being put on hold because the cutting of diseased trees is scheduled to commence soon. Existing signs have been temporarily removed.

Buzz asked Terry for the status of some requested signs. Terry said the cost of signs can quickly add up and we need to review the list and only order those signs which are really needed.

New Business

Paul asked about the heavy rain washout on Cedar Creek Trail. Norman will look at it and see if there is a simple solution to reroute the water.

Upcoming Events

Community Wellness Event – No help needed from Trails Committee

HSV Patriot Walk – No help needed from Trails Committee

Report by Cheryl Dowden