Unhappy Property Owner Revisits Committee; ACC Chair Updates Committee on Ad Hoc Rules & Regulations Committee and More

The Hot Springs Village Architectural Control Committee (ACC) met on Thursday, November 3, 2022, for its regular bimonthly meeting. The committee discussed 14 small permits and approved three new home permits.

The ACC recently welcomed two new committee members, Valerie Shippers and Brian Whitehead, who joined Janet Rowe, Kenneth Gordon, Ron Poshard, Larry Brocaw, Board Director and Committee Liaison, Tucker Omohundro, and Ginger George, Contract and Development Supervisor, who represented the POA Staff at the meeting. George was recently promoted to the supervisory position. Director of Compliance and Contract Management, Charlie Brown, was absent.

Chair report

The Ad Hoc Rules and Regulations Committee is “progressing through.” Rowe said the committee discussed exterior property rules, talked about storage sheds and basketball hoops, and mentioned yard art. The ad hoc committee discussed boat dock signage. “They also touched on the parking issues, but I don’t think anything was really firmed up yet, on that, so it is still a point of discussion.”

Do I need a Permit for the Maintenance of Rip Rap?

A property owner inquired about the permitting process, and it was determined that he did not need a permit as he was not installing a new area of rip rap but only bolstering the existing rip rap. This is considered maintenance, and a permit is not required for the maintenance of rip rap.

Unhappy Property Owner Pleas With Committee

A Villager who attended the last Architectural Control Committee meeting on October 20, 2022, returned to readdress the committee at the November 3 meeting. He was upset with the decision made by the committee. This case does not involve an improvement on his house but rather is about a privacy screen installed on the side of the patio of his next-door neighbor’s home. The Villager was displeased with this privacy screen and wanted the ACC to disapprove the installation, Making the matter more complicated is the fact that the privacy fence was not a permitted project before it was installed. Permit approval was given at the October 20 meeting, which was after the installation of the screen. In cases where work is done before the issuance of a permit, the Compliance Department issues a fine.

The meeting attendee said, “At the last meeting, you said, ‘we are here to help.’ I need your help.”

The attendee was upset by the report in the Village Voice, which said, “Privacy Screen Impedes My View of the Golf Course.” He said that this report was not correct and his view of the golf course was not affected, but rather he was not happy with the privacy screen for aesthetic reasons. “I said NOTHING about the view of the course!” exclaimed the man. Committee members heard the attendee say at the October 20 meeting that his view was affected.

The man said there were a lot of negative comments regarding the privacy screen. He stated that after the last meeting, an ACC member came to the house, “stood on my patio, and after a second said, I quote, ‘wow, that is a very harsh looking wall. Let me talk to your neighbor and see what I can do.'”

Chair Janet Rowe said, “I went out there, but I didn’t make that statement. I said I would talk to the neighbor.”

The man responded, “you said it was very harsh. I wrote it down as soon as you left.”

The man said, “it was built without any approval. It looks terrible. People come on my patio, and I don’t want to say what they say.”

He continued, “I am asking that it all be taken down and replaced with a correct privacy screen.” He invited the committee to come and sit on his patio so they could “look at this harsh wall.” He asked for an “acceptable looking” privacy screen to replace the current screen, as he felt that it looked like a solid yellow wall and wanted the screen to be slatted.

Board Liaison Tucker Omohundro said this issue should be resolved between the neighbors.

The man said that he has attempted to talk to his neighbor about the screen, but they do not respond to him. He said they are never outside, and you can’t catch them. They won’t answer the doorbell. The man also explained that they drive into their garage and immediately lower the garage door.

One of the committee members responded, “that is what I do, too.

Committee Member, Ron Poshard, said the wall is 25 feet away from the man’s patio

Omohundro said there are no rules against doing this. The only thing we can do is make sure the materials match the house.

Rowe said she asked the property owner to put in some plantings, but the ACC agreed they have no authority over requiring plantings.

“You are called an Architectural Control Committee, but you have no control?” asked the man.

Omohundro stated, “there is a fine line, and telling a property owner he cannot have this [privacy screen] is pushing our authority.”

When the Chair investigated, she said the owner of the privacy screen said that there is a reason for the solid wall. He said he tried to match it the best he could, but the original house siding is discontinued. He agreed that he started the project without a permit and would pay the fine.

Permits on Existing Properties (Small Permits)

16 Alava Lane – Landscaping – Stone steps and concrete sidewalk around the right side of the house from the driveway, meeting stone steps leading to the dock. – Permit approved

21 Aracena Lane – Deck – The property owner is unsure of what they want to do at this time. Canceled due to termination of the contractor.

8 Arzon Place – Deck – Extend the existing deck over an existing concrete slab. Permit approved

16 Tiburon Way – Cover Deck – The property owner wants to cover the existing patio with a metal shed-type roof. The color will be close to one of the browns in the shingles. Permit approved

74 Mandarina Way – Room Addition – The property owner wants to build a four-season room off the back corner of the house, matching the house and roof color. The property owner is a contractor and will perform the work himself. Permit approved

27 Loyola Drive – Room Addition – The Property owner wants to add a master closet. 12′ x 14′ wide addition. Permit approved

40 Arjona Way – Fence – The property owner wants to add 15′ of fencing on side of the house in order to enclose the door in the fenced area. Ornamental fencing will match the current fencing material. Permit approved

32 Arjona Way – Seawall – Want to put a seawall on common property. George said this has been approved by Todd Noles, Lakes Superintendent, but this should still go through the Common Property, Forestry, and Wildlife (CPFW) Committee. He wants to do this to keep water from rushing up into the neighbor’s yard. “We don’t have a problem with the looks of it, but it should be forwarded to the CPFW Committee,” said Janet Rowe. This permit is being sent to the CPFW Committee.

28 Castellon Drive – Paint House Exterior – House was painted bright yellow-green before the permit was issued. Permit denied, and the committee recommends repainting.

203 Carmona Road – Shed – This is the Boys and Girls Club (Across from Methodist Church). Building and roof are the same color as the facility. Janet said this is something the Rules Committee needs to address. This shed will go on a connecting lot as there is no place on the lot containing the facility. This was originally probably two lots, but when CCI sold it, they were probably replatted into one lot,” surmised George. The permit was approved if the property is one lot, with the stipulation that landscaping is installed to help screen the shed.

81 Empinado Way – Landscaping – The property owners want to cover an area with stone. Permit approved

144 Arias WayShed The property owner wants a 16′ x 12′ shed in the backyard, matching house and roof colors. Permit approved

27 Escocia Way – This case is about an existing gravel parking spot installed by the previous property owner. Current owners are trying to get approval. The property owner wants to “legalize” the existing spot. This will be handled by an email vote when Rowe takes more photos.

5 Sereno Lane – Dock – The property owner wants to replace the floating dock with a permanent dock. 38′ x 10′ This is proposed to be built on a setback, which is not allowed. The reason for this rule is to not interfere with the views of others. This property owner owns the island, and this will not affect anyone else’s view. Omohundro said a variance is needed for this to be approved. Permit denied due to incomplete information on color submitted. Rowe will obtain more information, and an email vote will be taken.

New Home Permits

15 Cresta Lane – Deaton Construction – Permit approved

16 Villas Way – Renaissance Homes – Permit approved

18 Villas Way – Renaissance Homes – Permit Approved

Annual Craft Sale

1 Coronado Circle – 5 signs for annual craft sale – Permit approved

Signage for POA-Sponsored Craft Sale

The Parks and Recreation Department is having a craft sale next Saturday, November 19, 2022, at the Coronado Community Center. The department has requested that they be allowed to install 10 signs advertising this event on Monday, November 14, at various locations. This project needs two variances to extend the three-day limit for signage and the number of signs. Permit approved with two variances

ACC Discusses Necessity of Arkansas State Stamp For Commercial Projects

The ACC again discussed the necessity of a stamp before they can approve a commercial project. This is what was said about this situation in the October 20, 2022, ACC Meeting report:

“New Commercial Property”

“4 Commerce Drive – East Village Centre – Plans for this project were submitted to the HSVPOA Permitting Department, but before approval by the ACC and the HSVPOA, the project plans need a stamp of approval from the Department of Finance and Administration for the State of Arkansas. Supervisor George said it is very possible the plans have been stamped, but just not on the copy presented to the committee. The Permitting Department will make sure the project is in accordance with state law and will not issue a permit without a state stamp. The project is approved by the ACC pending the state stamp.”

Report by Cheryl Dowden