Some considerations when updating your Hot Springs Village home

By Janae Cook Richards

Updating and home improvement projects are hot topics as housing inventory in Hot Springs Village remains low. Some people choose to enhance their current home rather than look for something new immediately. The advantages of these projects can be eliminating outdated features or fixing a design flaw, but most often, they are simply for the enjoyment of the homeowner. This may increase property value. However, if cost recovery is a consideration, then you should carefully consider the taste of future prospective buyers. There’s a point where you can reach saturation for the local market. 

Moderate kitchen and bathroom projects such as painting and updating countertops and fixtures will often provide a significant return on investment.  Give thought to modernizing appliances and replacing windows as needed. Updating window coverings is also a way to increase beauty and enjoyment.

Another area to consider when considering updating your home is including an office space; perhaps you have a rarely used guest room.  With more people working from home, a functional, bright, and private home office space is extremely desirable . If you don’t need an office then perhaps a crafting room or a reading room will make an unused space functional again.  

Outdoor living space is also very important. A well-thought-out deck addition or a comfortable patio will increase enjoyment and bring a future return. Upgrading landscaping or simply adding greenery will make your home stand out. Whether you’re thinking of selling in the future or simply updating the home’s style, remember that even simple projects can increase the functionality and beauty of your home.

Janae Cook Richards

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Janae Cook
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