Vandalism is a Crime

Vandalism of Hot Springs Village POA property is not a victimless crime. We all pay for this criminal behavior. Recently, street sign vandalism took place near Cortez Road.

Matt Broom, Superintendent of Street Maintenance and Sanitation, said, “Vandalism of our street signs has always been an issue to deal with, whether it’s destruction to the signs, spray paint, and sometimes even theft.  In this case, the signs were bent, posts broken, and will require replacing four posts and five street signs in the Doscientos and Gancho Way neighborhoods.”

The wooden posts will be replaced with metal. The new signposts cost $80 each, and the signs run $35 each.  The material cost alone is over $500, with the hardware included.  Broom added, “Our Sign Technician will also have about a half-day of work invested.  Any signs we do not have in stock must be ordered and picked up in Benton, adding more time lost from our normal job duties.” Broom said when you consider all of the small things it takes to repair an act of vandalism, the cost can quickly add up.

“Two things that make our community so great are the natural beauty and camaraderie among our residents.  Vandalism, no matter how big or small, threatens both of those things,” stated the Streets Superintendent.

If you witness vandalism being committed or know of acts of vandalism, please get in touch with the Hot Springs Village Police Department at (501) 922-0011.

Criminal Mischief – Vandals are criminals

2020 Arkansas Code
Title 5 – Criminal Offenses
Subtitle 4 – Offenses Against Property
Chapter 38 – Damage or Destruction of Property
Subchapter 2 – Offenses Generally
§ 5-38-204. Criminal mischief in the second degree

Universal Citation: AR Code § 5-38-204 (2020)

  1. (a) A person commits criminal mischief in the second degree if the person:
    1. (1) Recklessly destroys or damages any property of another person; or
    2. (2) Purposely tampers with any property of another person and by the tampering causes substantial inconvenience to the owner or another person.
  2. (b) Criminal mischief in the second degree is a:
    1. (1) Class A misdemeanor if the amount of actual damage is one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more but less than five thousand dollars ($5,000);
    2. (2) Class D felony if the amount of actual damage is five thousand dollars ($5,000) or more; or
    3. (3) Class B misdemeanor if otherwise committed.
  3. (c) A person convicted of a felony offense under this section is subject to an enhanced sentence of an additional term of imprisonment of five (5) years at the discretion of the court if the finder of fact finds that the damage to property involved the removal of nonferrous metal, as it is defined in § 17-44-101.
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The Village is our beautiful home, so remember, if you witness something, or know something, just say something. It is our duty.

Cheryl Dowden; Photography supplied by Hot Springs Village POA