I have been reading a lot here about why the POA doesn’t clear all the roads and offer this:

When asking why the POA doesn’t invest in and have more snow plows, etc., for these types of weather conditions, I would pause and ask myself why I haven’t ever purchased a 4-wheel drive, snow tires and/or chains, or a tractor before. I’ve never had a snow shovel here or thought about buying one (although Caldwells had them along with faucet covers) until the week of the ‘event.’ Of course, when living in Colorado, having these tools was essential.

I think the same answer you give yourself is the same answer by the POA. We just don’t have enough of these incidents to justify the cost or the need for those machines, supplies, and tools. If this is the future of our weather, where it is more frequent, more intense, etc., perhaps I may decide it’s time to buy myself a snow shovel or 4-wheel drive because it’s important to me to be able to leave my house.

This isn’t a feasible answer for everyone to purchase the tools they might need for a situation that doesn’t happen often. And neither is it feasible to expect this from our POA.

I’m fairly certain the POA will never be in a position with the tools or staff to service the entire village for these types of events, just like every other city we have lived in that gets bad weather. The major roads are all they clear and not residential streets, or country roads.

In order to avoid future posts about this topic next year, and many others that are often asked, I would like for the POA to include an FAQ and fact sheet to the ‘welcome’ new residents package that includes:

  • We have snow. We have hills. We do not plow residential streets. If it is critical for you to leave your home under all weather conditions, you might want a 4-wheel drive. We send updates to your email about the conditions.
  • Local snake identification resources and AR law that killing snakes is illegal. (There is a FB group where you can get help to identify snakes)
  • This is a forest. Wildlife is here. Bears migrate (put your darn bird food up for 2 weeks!), foxes don’t hunt and kill live and healthy pets, trapping and drowning animals is illegal. Armadillos poke holes in lawns, deer eat everything so rethink your landscape. Armadillos, raccoons, chipmunks, foxes, coyotes, turkeys, snakes, and pack rats are normal here and won’t be removed or eradicated.
  • There are no natural gas lines in the Village – and won’t be.
  • Some areas of the Village do not have cell or internet service – be prepared to use satellite.
  • Do not pay for handyman services until services are completed.
  • Explain the grinder and the alarm button.

I’m sure y’all have others, these just came to mind.

If you got this far, thanks for hanging in there. Have a lovely day!

By Nancy Jag-Nathan

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