Baby hawk (eyas) found on the ground in Hot Springs Village (image courtesy of Janet Rowe)

By Janet Rowe, Hot Springs Village Audubon Society President

I am presenting this in my role as HSV Audubon President as an educational piece.  There was recently a posting about fawns that appear to be abandoned, but they are not.  The same can go for baby birds. 

When the little ones leave the nest, they are fledgling.  They will be on the ground and usually try to find some cover to conceal themselves.  The parents are aware of their location and will bring food to them.  The human instinct is to try to help them, but it is best to leave them where they are.

Yesterday, I received a call from HSV Wildlife Superintendent Todd Noles, who in turn had been contacted by Animal Control about a baby hawk (called an eyas).  Mr. Noles, upon contacting me, asked me what to do.  I called Central Arkansas Raptor Rehab and confirmed with Mr. Paul, the Director, that the baby was a fledgling and should be returned to where it was originally found.  I accompanied Mr. Noles to the location, and we released it.  The parents will be in the area and continue bringing food to it.

If you find a raptor, eagle, hawk, or owl that is obviously injured, please get a hold of Animal Control or Mr. Noles. Mr. Noles now has the contact information for Raptor Rehab.

Hot Springs Village Animal Control can be contacted at (501) 922-6547.

Superintendent Noles can be contacted by email at

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Images courtesy of Janet Rowe (Todd Noles)