Even though the POA has in the past discouraged homeowners from performing any maintenance on them, technically, the homeowner is the one who owns and has always been accountable for the grinder tank systems.

Five or six years ago, the POA consented to handle system repairs for the grinder systems in exchange for a $1 monthly charge on property owners’ sewer accounts.

The problem is that no one keeps up with them, particularly checking to ensure the alarm system is operating. This is the most crucial component. Public Services Director Ken Unger said his current suggestion is to make it plain that property owners are, in fact, the owners of these systems from their residences up to the POA box at the road and to advise concerned homeowners to have their alarms tested annually by a licensed electrician.

The resident should contact the POA for alarm repair.

Three staff members are assigned to grinder tank system repairs, but Unger said we don’t have adequate staff to perform yearly checks on the thousands of alarm systems. “Any halfway competent electrician can check the grinder tank alarms’ continuity to ensure they are working and the buzzer is working,” stated Unger.

At a recent Public Services Committee meeting, visitor Angela Brinker asked if it would be feasible for the POA to hire electricians to perform the yearly grinder alarm checks and then charge the residents when the check is performed. Unger explained that it is already difficult to fill staff positions. “I tried to do that for RPZ testing. I hired people, and as soon as they obtained certification to do the RPZ backflow preventer testing, they quit. Now I am on the hook for testing the RPZs, and I have no one to do it. We can’t put ourselves in a position where we are making a promise that we can’t keep. Historically, and especially today, it is hard to hire qualified electricians,” said Unger.

Unger said grinder alarm testing is not a requirement, only a recommendation.

A permit is not needed to hire an electrician to test your grinder alarm system. If the electrician determines your alarm for your grinder system is inoperable, the POA will make the repair, not the electrician.

As previously reported, Unger also recommends homeowners talk to a licensed plumber about installing a popper relief valve. Click here to read the article addressing the popper relief valve.

Click here to read about the event that started the grinder discussion and the proposed policy change Unger presented at the May 17 Board Meeting. This article is titled “Wastewater backup floods home – leads to policy change proposal.”

The POA does not recommend contractors. At the meeting, Larry Siener, Board Director Liaison to the committee, said, “I recommend you do not get into recommending vendors. You potentially assume some liability if you make recommendations.” Siener said this is his personal opinion and not that of the Board.

Committee Member David Whitehead expressed, “However it ends up landing, there is so much confusion out there.”

“The problem is that I have multiple mechanisms to communicate, but many people do not pay attention until there is a problem.”

Ken Unger, Director of HSVPOA Public Services

If you have an issue with your grinder tank, including the system alarm, use the link below to complete a Public Services Request Form. It is recommended that you submit your request on the website so you will have a record of submittal, whereas if you call in your request, you will not have a formal record.

Click here to go to the Public Services Request Form to report the issue. Scroll down until you see the form.

You may also call the Public Services Department at 501-922-5524 during normal business hours. If they do not answer, please leave your name, contact number, email address, street address, and your issue. For water, sewer, or other issues after regular business hours, you may call 501-922-1323.

Contact Information for Public Services Director

Ken Unger
Director Public Services
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