Defenders Motorcycle Club Send Letter of Thanks to The Village

This was a letter from the Defenders:

Villagers witnessed quite an event last Saturday, as the Defenders Enforcement Motorcycle Club rode down DeSoto Blvd. Many current and retired military personnel, law enforcement officers, and emergency services personnel rode their big machines through our Village while excited onlookers came out to watch, wave flags, and enjoy food and fellowship. The event was a hit! Here’s what some of the riders had to say after the ride:

“We want you to know you filled our hearts with love and pride! I am the co-chairman of the Rally. This event has touched all the members and I have never heard as much praise and enjoyment of any of our Rally events. Thank you to the residents of Hot Springs Village! We are so glad you put this together and invited us to do this. We love and appreciate you all and we have so enjoyed Hot Springs!” – Shelley Toto Hickman

“On behalf of the 1st Louisiana Chapter of Defenders LEMC, I offer many thanks and much respect for the welcome we, along with our brothers from chapters from all across this great country, received as we rolled through Hot Springs Village. We left there with a renewed sense of pride in America and, I must admit, many damp eyes. Whoever says that patriotism no longer exists just doesn’t know where to look. As one of the guys said on our next stop, ‘That was super cool!'” – Mike Stephan, President, 1st La Chapter

“We sure do appreciate you all letting us drive on thru the Village We were all quite taken with the crowds, flags, patriotism & law enforcement support. Thank you all so much! You made us feel welcome!” – LeeAnn Davis

“Our motorcycle group rode through your neighborhood this past weekend. I was never so proud as to see all of you who came out to wave, to fly your flags, to salute as we rode by. It was such a proud moment for me. All of you were absolutely awesome. It will be one of my most favorite memories. Thank you.” – Deniece-Teech McGough Snell

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