The Hot Springs Village Architectural Control Committee met on Thursday, March 21, 2024. Twenty-two small permits were discussed, with 18 approved. Additionally, one permit was approved in Old Business. Twelve new home permits were presented. One passed by email vote and two needed verification of plans. The committee agreed to permit the remaining nine. An upset property owner also addressed the committee. The delay in publishing this article is because I am still playing “catch up” due to the tornado. (At least, that is my excuse. 🙂 )

On behalf of the ACC Committee, Committee Member John Hyduke thanked the POA Staff for their tornado efforts. Ken Unger, Public Services Director, said that when something like this happens, it brings out the good in people.

Chair report

Chair Larry Brokaw announced that the committee was having an executive session after the regular meeting.

This meeting is Valerie Shipper’s last meeting.

Board Member Liaison report

Board Member Mark Quinton said he had extensive tornado damage. He thanked everybody who helped him with the cleanup. Kelly Hale, Ken Unger, Matt Broom, and Todd Noles stopped by his house the morning after the tornado to see if they could help. Balboa Baptist was on the scene with a chainsaw for twelve hours. Brad Gaston cleaned up and cleared trees. Many other groups and people assisted the Quintons with cleanup.

The Board approved the Commercial Rules and Regulations. Ken Unger is still working on contracts for the seven-and-a-half-mile-long pipe to connect the Mill Creek and Cedar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Staff report

Matt Broom, Associate Public Services Director, thanked Shippers for her committee service.

Unger said there were some changes in the permitting process for residents affected by the storm. Contractors need to stop by the office to fill out a permit so there will be a record and for inspection purposes. There is no charge for permits for tornado-affected items.

Unger said the POA is out of the “Safety Phase” and is now working on the “Cleanup Phase” in the tornado efforts. The POA is working with the State to determine if monetary aid is available. Once that is known, plans will be rolled out. “We are already making plans, and we will advertise to the community once we know more about aid.”

Small permits

6 La Paz Place – Deck – Permit approved

6 La Paz Place – Landscaping – Permit approved

27 Durango Way – Other – Parking – Permit approved

28 Mano Way – Deck – Permit approved

10 Paraiso Lane – Propane – Permit approved

13 Caribe Lane – Dock – Permit approved

34 Algeciras Lane – Landscaping – Permit approved

57 Bargus Way – Dock – Permit approved with a variance -Locate it 14 feet from the property line

75 Murillo Lane – Deck – Permit approved

87 Elcano Drive – Landscaping – Permit approved

3 Adoracion Trace – Other – Addition – Permit denied – Need professional drawings.

10 Lindsay Lane – Deck – Permit approved

12 Galeon Lane – Swimming Pool – Permit was tabled for elevation drawings & complete plan.

26 Cresta Way – Solar Panel – Permit approved

40 Baeza Way – Fencing permit denied for vacant lot – The ACC would consider the backyard flat area for fencing.

41 Empinado Way – Dock – Resubmit to make drawings consistent with the correct dimensions.

43 Costa Del Lago – Dock – Permit approved

87 Arias Way – Exterior Paint – Resubmit – ACC approved color 215 Yosemite Yellow

11 Roseta Lane – Covered Deck – Permit approved – Verify sewer line location with staff.

30 Ochavo Way – Landscaping – Permit approved for one raised flower bed in the back and none on the side of the house.

33 Ola Way – Addition – Stairs – Sidewalk – Permit approved

83 Piscina Lane – Seawall – Permit approved

New home permits

6 Busqueda L. – Muehler Custom Homes – Permit approved by email vote.

13 Villas W. – Renaissance – Need to verify plans

15 Villas W. – Renaissance – Need to verify plans

47 Estrella W. – Bradford Scrugs – Permit approved

50 Estrella W. – Bradford Scruggs – Permit approved

54 Estrella W. – Bradford Scruggs – Permit approved

56 Estrella W. -Bradford Scruggs – Permit approved

60 Estrella W. – Bradford Scruggs – Permit approved

163 Pizarro Dr. – McMillan Homes – Permit approved

7 Manso Pl. McMillan Homes – Permit approved

15 Jaguar W. McMillan Homes – Permit approved

37 Sorpresa W. McMillan Homes – Permit approved

Homeowners addressed the ACC over yard cleanup and fencing

Gloria and Paul Cukjati addressed the committee. The couple received three letters from Community Support. One was about the side of the house, which he admitted was his error and that he should have cleaned it up. The second letter was about an overgrown flower garden. He said they cleaned up the garden. The third letter was about an “illegal” plastic fence. He removed the plastic fence. The committee said that the file on the above items had been closed as the issues were resolved.

Board Member Mark Quinton said he drove by the house and noticed that the gate on the side of the house was leaning.

Mr. Cukjati said that his calls to the POA were not returned. Danny Stephens, Community Support Officer, said he received some phone messages from Mr. Cukjati. “In one of them, you were very irate, spoke in a screaming (almost) voice, and demanded to know who turned you in for that fence. You were demanding this under the Freedom of Information Act. We don’t provide that information and are not required to. You also said that if I didn’t call you back within 24 hours, you would have your attorney contact us. I am still waiting for him to contact us. Understand that this is just part of a process.”

Mr. Cukjati could not find the fence permit (from 2000). He contacted his attorney and then spoke to the committee chair, who invited him to the meeting. The committee approved the fence.

Preliminary review of house plans

Under New Business – Steve Saudade presented house plans/renderings for committee review. This appeared to be a container house, which is not allowed. The ACC voted no.

Meeting attendees

ACC Attendees: Lanny Beavers, Chair Larry Brokaw, Clint Blackman III, John Hyduke, Valerie Shippers, Vice-chair Brian Whitehead, Mark Quinton, BOD Liaison

Staff present: Ken Unger, Director of Public Services; Matt Broom, Associate Director of Public Services; Beverly Ellison, Supervisor of Permits and Inspecting; Tom Benfield, Community Support Manager; Chris Sanfilippo, Community Support Officer, and Danny Stephens, Community Support Officer

Guests: Linda Ferns Rogers (prospective committee member), Gloria and Paul Cukjati; Randy Pierson, James Heinzke, Rick Meek, Doyle Baker, Jarrod Robinson, Tom Hasslestrom, Brady Bradford, and William Hoover.

Hot Springs Village ACC Committee Mtg 03-21-24 7
HSVPOA ACC Committee Meeting 03-21-24

By Cheryl Dowden

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