Hot Springs Village— March 4, 2023 — The Hot Springs Village Lakes Committee is pleased to announce the kickoff of a new website, In order to provide one place for HSV members and guests to find pertinent HSV lake information, we have gathered previously scattered data that were difficult and time-consuming to find. Click here to visit the new HSV Lake Website.

Fun, Safety, and Information

The Lakes Committee is required by its Charter to support the work of lakes management and to make recommendations to the HSV POA Board on lakes-related matters. In addition to assisting staff and the Board, the Lakes Committee identified an opportunity to improve communications with members, guests, and prospective residents.

The website contains information about lake dredging, drawdowns, and how shoreliners can prepare. Lake rules and required fees for watercraft and lake use are also available on the website. Safety is emphasized, as well as fun lake activities.

Videos, interactive communication, and overall improved awareness

Harnessing the magic of modern technology, provides information, videos, and photographs. Click here to watch HSV lakes videos.

The website features a picture gallery, underscoring fun activities and beautiful lake sunsets. We would love for you to share your unique lake photos for placement on the website. We are tentatively planning a photo of the month contest, as well.

In addition, the website will have a “listening post” where you can ask the Lakes Committee questions.

Lakes Committee Meetings

Guests are invited to attend monthly Lakes Committee meetings. The Lakes Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at the Coronado Community Center, where the floor is open to questions and input from visitors. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. Hearing positive comments about the good things happening with our lakes is always refreshing.

If the website enables villagers and guests to find information easier and improves the enjoyment of HSV lakes, then we will call that a win. Click here to check out the website. Bookmark it as a favorite, as new content will be frequently added.

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