Hot Springs Village Public Services Department Realigns Management to Meet New Challenges

Matthew Broom, newly appointed Hot Springs Village Associate Director of Public Services, stated, “There have been a lot of changes with the organizational structure of [Hot Springs Village] Public Services. The changes all go back to the departure of Charlie Brown, Director of HSVPOA Code Enforcement.”

Brown recently resigned from his POA position, and his tenure is scheduled to end right before Christmas. The POA looked at rehiring for his position but instead opted to evaluate Brown’s duties and see if there were any common synergies with other POA departments to meld Brown’s duties with other areas.

It was determined that Brown’s responsibilities could be transferred to other POA departments. Broom said, “It made sense to move Code Enforcement under the wings of the Hot Springs Village Police Department. Meanwhile, Permitting and Inspections have been moved under the purview of Public Services.”

Due to these departmental responsibility changes, Broom has been promoted to Hot Springs Village Public Services Associate Director to enable Public Services Director Ken Unger to focus more on the public utilities side of the public services equation. Broom enthused, “What Ken has accomplished so far is amazing, and he wants to continue the trend next year!”

Broom said he is over Streets and Sanitation, Common Property and Lakes, and Engineering with 42 employees under him.

Todd Noles, former Superintendent of Lakes, Dams, Common Property, Forestry, and Wildlife, has been promoted to Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation, overseeing 21 employees. Broom said, “Todd did many great things in his past Superintendent position. He also has a lot of experience in the Streets Department, having spent most of his career there. He has great relationships with the staff and contractors. He is a good leader and mentor. I think he will do a fabulous job in this position.”

David Harper, who was working as a Foreman for Mike Sykora in Building Maintenance, has been promoted to Superintendent and assumed Noles’s previous role. Harper is a former Village Lakes Manager with 20 years of lakes experience. Broom feels Harper has good leadership capabilities and will do well in his new position.

Team Mentality

Hot Springs Village POA employees coordinate and work together well to serve and improve the POA. The realignment of positions and duties will continue this trend. Broom said the cooperation between POA departments is due to General Manager Kelly Hale and Director Unger. “They have set a high standard for teamwork. Anyone who wants to be a part of the team must understand that and be on board with teamwork.”

Broom has noticed a better work atmosphere with more respect, achieving full staffing and increased employee retention. In the past, there was a high employee turnover. “I feel we have a good group of employees that want to be here, work together, and help each other. It is having that common goal. It’s been an excellent year. I am excited about next year, and we have a great team.”

Hot Springs Village Public Services Reorganizes Department
Matt Broom, Associate Director of HSVPOA Public Services

Permitting and Inspections

Broom said the Public Services Division already deals with certain aspects of Permitting and Inspection.

Broom stated, “There is already a good connection with Public Services and Permitting and Inspections. Our biggest challenge will be taking over this department. While we have been affiliated and worked with Permitting and Inspections, we did not attend the Architectural Control Committee Meetings (ACC). The inspectors already work with the Streets Department to ensure the roads are not harmed when building and for drainage issues. We plan to streamline the Permitting and Inspections Department, hold contractors accountable, and better manage the process for the contractors.”

Broom feels this change will give the POA building inspectors added resources, tools, and support.

“We want contractors to understand it is a privilege to build here. It is not a right.”

Matt Broom, Associate Director of HSVPOA Public Services

Moving in the Right Direction

Broom said the changes are exciting and that Public Services is moving in the right direction. He feels they are ending the year on a high note. “We are only a couple of weeks into the changes, and everyone seems to be on the same page. These changes will lead to good things for next year.”

“The saying, ‘You are only as strong as your weakest link’ is very true. We need to build each other up and at the same time, hold each other accountable. It is about having a positive attitude.”

Matt Broom, Associate Director of HSVPOA Public Services

By Cheryl Dowden

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