HSVPOA BOARD BRIEF #31 – May 18, 2023


“At this week’s HSVPOA Board of Directors meeting the new Hot Springs Village logo was shared with Board members and guests in the audience. The new logo recognizes our 50-year-old heritage as well as offering a focus on an energized, stable future. The logo, simple but strong (see below), combines a stylized likeness of a conquistador helmet (past heritage) with a modern rendition of the words “Hot Springs Village.” There is also a version of the logo intended for internal use on merchandise and signage, with “HSV” replacing the full name of our community.

“The Board approved of the color palette, intended to represent the features of our Village – a dark blue representing the water in our lakes, a lighter blue representing the clear blue sky, a deep green representing our forests and our golf courses, a gold representative of the sun that we are so fortunate to enjoy so many days of the year, and a light tan representative of our beaches and the golf course bunkers.

“The Board gave unanimous approval for the new logo, which will be phased in over time, as materials and merchandise with the current logo are used up. The goal of the phased-in approach is to minimize expenses typically associated with the transition from one logo to another.”

Respectfully provided,

HSVPOA Board of Directors

May 18, 2023