At the July 19, 2023, Board Meeting, David Childs, Chair of the Hot Springs Village POA Public Services Committee, updated the Board on the committee’s activities during the past six months. Childs stated:

“The Public Services Advisory Committee has had a considerable transition with the resignation of many long-standing members and their replacement by several fairly new Village residents. The current Committee is blessed with a wealth of educational training and career experience that is very relevant to the Public Service Committees’ areas of interest.

“Members of the current Committee possess the following educational degrees:

  • 7 B.S. in Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)
  • 2 Law Degrees
  • 2 Master’s in Civil Engineering
  • 1 Master’s in Project Management
  • 1 Master’s in Management
  • 1 Ph.D. in Quality Management

“The Committee’s career experience includes:

  • 2 Managers of Public Works on Air Force bases
  • 2 Infrastructure Project Managers
  • 2 Construction and Construction Contracts Managers
  • 2 Water and Wastewater Managers
  • 1 Army Corps of Engineers Manager
  • 1 State DOT Road Construction/Maintenance Manager
  • 1 Erosion Control Manager
  • 1 Expert in Data Communications Technology for remote public works

“Over the past six months, the Committee’s research, analysis, activities, site inspections, and recommendations to the POA’s Public Works Services Team have included, but not been limited to, such matters as:

  • Water & Wastewater Plant improvement options
  • Grinder Pump Policy modification options
  • Policy clarifications regarding property owner responsibilities for proper drainage on their property
  • Secondary access/egress route for Diamante
  • Research on and viewing a demonstration of installation of new ‘sleeve’ culvert technology
  • Hosting a Committee table at the Newcomer’s event
  • Identifying and prioritizing the most needed guardrail repairs
  • Identifying where the most needed road paint stripes need to be refreshed
  • Recommending that blue reflectors be placed on roads to mark fire hydrant locations (improves night
  • Recommending best types of water meters and most efficient transition of meters
  • Assisting with developing Methods of Procedures (MOPs) training materials for many Departmental
  • Researched and helped develop new POA policies to limit erosion and run-off at construction sites
  • Volunteered at “The Pit” off of Terlingua Road so that residents could drop off yard waste

“Thank you.”