In this week’s “Ask Ken,” Ken Unger, Hot Springs Village POA Director of Public Services, answers two water-related questions. The first question is about discolored bathwater, and the second addresses black residue on faucets.

Resident:  I filled my bathtub recently, and the water was discolored.   What is going on with the water?

Ken: Most times, we find this situation is the result of problems with the resident’s hot water heater.   Water heaters need to be maintained via regular flushing.  In addition, they have what is called an anode rod that helps protect the lining of the tank from corrosion and rusting.  If that rod has failed or your tank is very old, the walls of your tank might have rust and corrosion issues.  To verify, please drain your bathtub and fill it with just cold water.  If the water is clear, then that is most likely the problem.   If not, please reach out to the Public Services Department at and we will come out to try to help see what is causing the issue.*  Hope this helps!

Resident:  Why do I get black residue on some of the faucets in my home and/or tiny black specs in my water?  What is it, and is it safe? 
Ken:   Residue and deposits are generally tied to minerals such as manganese and iron naturally found in our water supply.  The black or reddish-brown residue sometimes found on faucets and at the water line of toilets or bathtubs is harmless bacteria that forms where the minerals make contact with the air.  Once the bacteria form it can be cleaned with some type of vinegar or acidic solution to help avoid it coming back so quickly.  Other issues could be tied to your hot water tank, deterioration of your home’s faucets or lines, or possibly something in the water system that the POA can address via flushing the water main.  The POA takes water quality very seriously.  If a resident has a concern, please let us know via our online form at, and we will have someone come out to help determine what is going on and try to help correct it.  Hope this helps!

*Public Services has added “Water Quality Issues” to the drop-down menu of the public services online request form.


Ken Unger
Director Public Services
Hot Springs Village

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