This post contains updated information not found in the original article.

The Hot Springs Village POA Digest announced the availability of FREE topsoil for RESIDENTS only.

“Beginning the first Friday of April (April 7th), the POA is making available to residents rich topsoil made up of composted leaves (those you all dropped off) mixed with lake dredge material. There are NO ROCKS in this mix!”

“You can pick up a load at “the Pit” on Deposito Paseo (off Terlingua) between 8:00 AM and noon each Friday in April (beginning April 7 to ending April 28).”

As this offer is for residents only, you MUST prove your POA membership by showing your POA card. If you hire someone to pick up and deliver your topsoil, they must be a POA member, or you must accompany them to the pickup.

The POA will assist in loading the dirt, but no mechanical equipment will be used for liability purposes. Only shovels are allowed. If you are able, please bring a shovel to help with loading.

For additional information or questions, contact Superintendent Todd Noles at