Some of the topics discussed in this report are the election of Trails Committee officers, extensive trail damage due to a recent rain event, and applications for the Outdoor Recreation Manager position being accepted.

The Hot Springs Village POA Trails Committee met on May 16, 2023, at 1:30 p.m. at the Coronado Community Center. The newly appointed (to the committee) Board Director Liaison, Bob McLeod, oversaw the election of officers. Buzz Carpenter was reelected as committee chair, with Kim Botkin slotted into the Vice-chair position. Pam Harman, a long-standing Trails Committee Secretary veteran (since 2015), voluntarily stepped down and was replaced by Kathy Swanson.

Newly-appointed Committee Member (Bettye) BB Johnson sat at the table. (Appointment approved by Board on May 17, 2023) Ms. Johnson’s term will expire in May 2026.

Chair Buzz Carpenter was surprised that only Outdoor Recreation Manager Ginger Ladehoff and he participated in the Lake DeSoto cleanup. Carpenter said the lack of participation was “shocking because the group normally participates.” Shoreliners from other lakes conduct their own cleanup day, and Paul Barnard asked about the Lake DeSoto shoreliners conducting a cleanup day.

Rules and Regulations Cleanup

Director Bob McLeod said the Board has been working on the Rules and Regulations recommendations submitted to them by the Ad Hoc Rules and Regulations Committee. McLeod said this task is “massive.” He stated that they are working to remove contradictions and to make it one cohesive unit. “We are cleaning up a lot of things that didn’t make sense,” explained the Director.

McLeod said, “People blow stuff up on social media. Golf cart trailers will still be allowed to park at homes.”

Work trucks versus pickup trucks are also an issue. “We’re just trying to keep it clean. That’s why I moved here. I like having the rules,” stated McLeod.

McLeod said he was amazed at the good condition of most of the golf courses after the recent rain disaster.

Staff Liaison, Parks and Recreation Director Terry Wiley Report

  • Wiley said the fountains at the West Gate are down.
  • The mini golf course is still under construction.
  • Due to damage to the trails from the rain disaster, the Dam to Dam Hike was canceled.
  • Wiley anticipates it will take around three or four weeks to repair trail damage and asks for patience from the community. “We are addressing safety issues first,” said Wiley.

Ginger Ladehoff Outdoor Parks and Recreation Manager Report

Ladehoff said there will be a celebration at the Coronado Community Center for the Trails QR Code Virtual Marathon participants.

Ladehoff will leave her position in the Village to start a new job as an event coordinator in Hot Springs. The Outdoor Recreation Manager position is posted on Explore the Village website. Go here to apply for the position.

Report by Cheryl Dowden