Here we go again…This time someone damaged a no-ski buoy on Lake DeSoto.

Recently, an article titled “Vandalism to Hot Springs Village Property” revealed that the destruction of HSV common property affects all property owners. These destructive stunts are not victimless deeds, and the cost to Villagers can eventually add up to possible future assessment increases and fewer services.

Todd Noles, HSV Superintendent of Lakes, Dams, Common Property, and Forestry, said a boat recently ran over a no-ski buoy on Lake DeSoto. Unable to repair the buoy, a replacement must be ordered. These buoys are not cheap, with a new one costing $465.

The buoy damage was not the only recent incident of destruction to HSV Lakes’ common property. On March 20, a boater damaged an outlet gate valve on Lake Isabella, resulting in a $35,000 repair bill.

Noles plans to build a task force involving the Lakes Committee and the Village Fishing Clubs. He will ask them to be on the lookout for these types of incidents. Staff is pinching pennies, and the added expense of acts of vandalism hurts our bottom line, and Noles wants to see the destructive behaviors stop.

How You Can Help

Superintendent Noles requests that shoreliners and those using our lakes keep a watchful eye if they see a boat running over any of our buoys or damaging any of our structures.

More Vandalism in HSV - Now on Lake DeSoto
No-ski buoy on Lake DeSoto

General Manager Kelly Hale has repeatedly stated that the Village resembles a co-op. This means we all are responsible for looking out for the best for the Village. If you see something, say something. Hale stated, “You have to look at things from an ownership point of view. If you want to live here and say that you are an owner in the community and want to be a part of this great community, then there are responsibilities that go with it.”

Whenever someone vandalizes common property and does not take accountability for his/her action, the community picks up the tab for repair or replacement. While it is understandable that people make mistakes, there is no excuse for intentional vandalism or not owning up to accidental damage to common property.

If you see acts of destruction of common property, please notify the Hot Springs Village Police Department. It takes a Village.

By Cheryl Dowden; Photography courtesy of Superintendent Todd Noles