At the July 1, 2022, Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) meeting, Saline County Quorum County Court Judge, Keith Keck said Jerry Yeric was a member of the GAC for many years. He was a political science instructor at North Texas State and he was very well-versed in the political world. Every two years he would share an election analysis with the Village. Unfortunately, Yeric passed away last year. In light of that, Keck gave us his own 2022 election observations.

Keck explains how we voted and then discusses how much money is donated to the politicians. Keck said, “Money talks, sometimes. I hate to say that, but that is the reality of life, especially as you start moving up the ladder.”

JP Keck shared a Powerpoint presentation with the GAC. Slide two shows the raw vote totals for major federal races. Slide three shows the raw vote totals for major state races. Slide four shows the raw vote totals for major Saline county races. The raw data is broken down by HSV votes in Saline County, Total Saline County Votes, HSV Votes in Garland County, Total Garland County Votes and Total HSV Votes.


  • The slides show that the Village supported Senator John Boozman. The Village voted heavily on the Republican side.
  • Keck said, “Representative French Hill…, did carry Saline County, including the Village. It was not an easy race for Representative Hill because it turned to a 59/41.”
  • “Sarah Sanders made an appearance in the Village – kind of short notice. She did very well in the Village.”
  • Leslie Rutledge also did well in the Village.
  • Matt McKee is a favorite to win the Senate District 6 seat.
  • Matt Brumley is running unopposed and will be the new judge.
  • There was significant Village participation in the Republican Primary and low participation in the Democratic Primary.
  • The Garland County Village turnout was only 2% higher than the whole Garland County turnout.
  • The Saline County Village voter turnout was over 9.5% higher than the whole Saline County turnout.
  • The politicians pay attention to what areas are voting.
  • Garland County has a younger population that does not vote at the same rate as the older folks.
  • Keck said you would be amazed at the information available on who makes campaign contributions. Hot Springs Village made more campaign contributions to the challengers – Jan Morgan and Jake Bequette than to Senator John Boozman.
  • A large amount of money was contributed to the gubernatorial  candidates from out-of-state sources.

By Cheryl Dowden