Things are changing. In an effort to run a more economically efficient yard debris disposal system, Hot Springs Village POA Public Services Director, Ken Unger, has added two new ways to dispose of yard debris. As of right now, you can still use the “old” way, but that option may soon be disappearing.

In a search for more information regarding the two new yard debris disposal options, Joe and I traveled to the Terlingua Facility and visited with the Superintendent of Lakes, Dams, Common Property, & Forestry, Todd Noles, at his office. Superintendent Noles provided a quick tour and explanation of the two new services and demonstrated the operation of the bulldozer. All three of the yard debris disposal options currently available are listed below. Let’s begin with the “oldest” option.

“Old” Yard Debris Disposal Option

In the past, the only process for residents to dispose of their yard debris through the POA required residents to obtain biodegradable paper yard bags to be used for the containment of leaves. The biodegradable paper bags can be purchased from local hardware stores and online. Tags must be placed on the bags and also limb bundles and can be purchased at the POA Administration Building (895 DeSoto Boulevard for the cost of $1 each plus sales tax. All limb bundles and biodegradable bags must be placed within three feet of the edge of the road with a tag affixed. At the time of the release of this article (11-10-22), this option is still available. But this service may not be a viable option in the future.

Of note is the reason why these new options are being encouraged. It is very expensive to operate a truck to go to your home for yard debris pickup. Under the “older” system, there are times when a resident requests a pickup of yard debris, and there are only one or two bags to be picked up. This generates a fee of only one or two dollars, which does not make the operation economically feasible.

Unger said, that we are not changing the “Old” Yard Debris Process right now, “but I am alerting the community, this is not a good system for the POA [economically] and it probably will change. I am hoping people will adopt to the new policies.”

Ken Unger, HSVPOA Director of Public Services

Director Unger explained, “we have three avenues for leaf disposal, and the cheapest one – the most preferred one is for you to bring it to us.” See below: (Preferred Option) Individual Yard Leaf/Grass/Debris Drop off at POA Terlingua Facility, aka “The Pit.”

(Preferred Option) Individual Yard Leaf/Grass/Debris Drop off at POA Terlingua Facility aka “The Pit”

  1. For a fee of $0.50 + tax per item, residents shall be permitted to bring any amount of 39-gallon plastic bags or leaves or grass, or 35-gallon containers or bundles of debris to the POA Terlingua Facility, aka “The Pit” every Friday morning from 8-11:00 am. where an attendant is on duty.
  2. Residents shall be required to prepay at the POA office at 895 DeSoto Blvd. for the number of plastic bags or containers planned for drop off. A receipt showing the total number of items purchased must be surrendered to the attendant at the gate before acceptance at the facility. Any amounts in excess of what is shown on the receipt will be refused.
  3. Plastic bags and containers must be emptied by the resident in the designated area and taken from the facility once emptied.

Bulk Yard Debris Pickup

The second preferred option, which is still economically feasible for the POA, is pick-up. This fee for this service will be shown on your utility bill. The POA is fine if you go in with your neighbors for this service. For example, you may only have 11 bags, and your neighbor may also have 11 bags. If you decide to go in with your neighbor, all of the bags should be placed at one location, but you will only be charged one fee of $20. This is between your neighbor and you as to who calls it in and to whose utility bill the $20 fee will be added.

  1. For a fee of $20 plus tax, residents may request an at-home bulk yard debris pick up of up to 22 total items containing any combination of 39-gallon plastic bags for leaves, 35-gallon containers for yard debris, or bundles for limbs. No grass is permitted. Any additional items over 22 may or may not be collected by POA staff and, if collected, could result in an additional $20+ tax charge. Note: If you only put out one bag or can, the fee is still $20. In other words, there is a $20 minimum.
  2. Plastic bags must not be tied or sealed. Plastic bags will be emptied by POA staff and left near the resident’s mailbox under an item resident supplies for empty bags to be placed under.
  3. Yard debris must not protrude out of the top of any container. Branches placed into containers must be no more than 3” in diameter, and the weight of any bag or container must be no more than 40 pounds each. Limbs not in containers must be cut to lengths of four (4) feet or less, must be bundled, be no more than 3” in diameter, and weigh no more than 40 pounds per bundle.
  4. Bulk yard debris pickup must be made by special request only via the POA online form or call-in and must be placed within three (3) feet from the edge of the road no earlier than the time the resident is ready to order for pickup.
  5. Online form submission or call in required – Call 501-922-5524 or Click here to go to the HSVPOA Public Services Web Page on Explore the Village Website, to find the Public Services Request Form.
  6. You do not need to go to the POA Administration Office to pay for the Bulk Yard Debris Pickup. The charge for this service will be reflected in your POA account.

    Contact Information For Public Services Director

    Ken Unger
    Director Public Services
    Hot Springs Village

    By Cheryl Dowden; Photography and Videography by Joe Dowden