The following “letter to the editor” was sent to me from Jim and Sandy McPherson, who are heavily involved in pickleball and have directed pickleball tournaments in the Village. I will publish the POA/Board point of view when they issue a press release. – Cheryl

“Hi Cheryl,

“We follow your articles and are very grateful to you for all the work you put into this calling.  We are especially grateful for your article on the “Pickle” caused by the POA change of mind regarding signage on the windscreens.  You told the whole truth and followed through to the unhappy ending.  It certainly will make it difficult to attract future sponsors, knowing they get no bang for their buck. 

“It is discouraging to run a tournament in HSV, knowing that the POA demands its pound of flesh by collecting a large daily rent that includes annual pass holders purchased by many of the tournament players and will not even contribute as a sponsor of the event.  The PB Club faces huge challenges in running the tournament, such as bad weather, no internet to run the program that keeps 500 matches on time, and mountains of work that involves 100 or more people.  Tournament participants now have many weekly choices about where they can go for tournaments, so there is stiff competition for enough players to make running a tournament worthwhile. 

“Jim and I used to direct and run the whole shebang, but my stroke in 2019 left me unable to run the computer program that requires split-second reaction, and Jim is hesitant to direct another event, knowing that we must hire a program manager at $1500 plus lodging, and the internet we used is dependent on a hotspot provided by mobile phone. 

“Plus, the director is in the hot seat for months preceding the tournament, and no one in the Village except Jim has the experience to pull it off.  I always take as much burden off him as possible, but our lives revolve around that tournament and little else.

“Christie Borne was the latest person who directed a tournament here; her efforts netted only about 100 players, which might have allowed her to break even after paying all the key people and the POA rent.  For the risk involved and the endless days of slave labor, hosting a PB tournament in HSV has become a nightmare that no one is willing to endure.  

“The bottom line is simply that the only real winner for having a tournament is the POA who:

“(1) doesn’t support the tournament financially or visibly; and

“(2) gains financially by the pound of flesh AND by enjoying increased revenue generated from the tournament participants who have bought lots and homes here.”

Jim and Sandy McPherson